Chicago Med season 4 finale theories: Who killed Connor’s father?

Chicago Med season 3 episode 8 - Connor RhodesMoving into Chicago Med season 4 and its big finale next week, one thing is obviously clear: You’re entering a story with some high stakes and big questions — especially when it comes to what happened to Connor’s father.

Obviously, there’s one part of the story that is clear at the moment: The guy is dead. However, there’s another question that is still worth wondering: What happened to him? Who actually injected him? The look on Connor’s face in the video thumbnail below says it all … as does the way in which the show is trying to hype up the upcoming story.

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Personally, we think that it’s a little bit of a red herring that Ava is the one responsible for his death. It all feels too convenient, too easy, and a little bit too cut-and-dry. We’re not sure that things are going to be anywhere near that easy ion terms of us getting answers. The truth of the matter here is that Connor’s dad didn’t exactly live as a saint. He was a guy who made a whole lot of enemies and because of that, it’s easy to figure that someone else out there would want him dead and figured out a way to make it happen within the hospital. This episode could feature doctors playing detectives, trying their best to get to the bottom of what happens.

No matter what happens…

This is Colin Donnell and Norma Kuhling’s last episode, and we do actually foresee a path to how the two of them could leave. If Connor ends up blaming Ava for his father’s death, that could set off a major chain of events. It’s certainly a good reason for her to want to leave — who wouldn’t want a fresh start after this? Even if Connor doesn’t accuse anyone, just the idea of this happening at the hospital is a good motivation for him to want a new start. We know that he wants to be in Chicago  — they built a special hybrid OR so that he could stay there in the long-term! — but something may psychologically keep that from happening.

At this point, we just hope that these two characters are able to find some sort of happiness on the other side of all of this. They’re going through hell and, at a certain point, some of the pain may end up being a little bit too much for them. We wouldn’t really blame them if it was. How could we?

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