Is Carlos Valdes leaving The Flash following season 5 finale?

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Is Carlos Valdes going to be leaving The Flash following the events of the season 5 finale on Tuesday night? During this episode, the series was very much wager to raise this question.

We’ve been on this road for a little while with the Cisco character — he’s seemed fairly eager to get away from being a hero and wanted to just be a normal person. It’s a bit of a reversal from who he was in the early going of this show, someone who was lighthearted and seemed to really be invested in this idea of being around meta-humans and saving the world. Being Vibe became a blessing, but also a curse since his life was on the line constantly and he yearned for some elements of reality. These are ones he couldn’t cling to when hopping around the multiverse.

With that in mind, tonight’s episode raised an important question: Could Cisco really go off and try to have a normal life with Camilla for a while? Is that something that he would want? (We should know that one of the reasons for all of the speculation, even leading into the finale, was because of how little screentime Valdes has had at various points in the season.)

We will say this — we had a lot of good moments when it comes to Cisco within this episode, especially when it comes to getting a chance to see him and Reverse Flash — basically, some memorable season 1 callbacks.

Then, of course, there was the idea of Cisco taking the cure, which proved to be certainly controversial in its own right. Why did he have to do that? It felt like the most unnecessary part of the entire episode, mostly because of the entire fact that he could just not use them. This is ultimately, though, what he chose, and this means that if the team wants to vibe, they’re going to have to figure out some alternate plans moving forward.

Even if Valdes is gone, we know that Cisco was going to be a big part of this world still — it’s really just a matter of when and how he could come back, or if he could still help the team off-screen.

As of this writing, though, we’ve seen no 100% confirmation that Cisco is gone. Take that for what you will, and we’ll be back soon for more news. The writers have just given themselves a path if they do need to write him out.

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