Sneaky Pete season 3 finale review: Did Marius come clean to the Bernhardt family?

Sneaky Pete season 3The Sneaky Pete season 3 finale is upon us and we are set up for this to be a really great one. We have the great painting con on the go, we have Julia being held ransom for 4 million dollars and Marius and Lizzie have some unresolved business/feelings over everything that’s happened between them over the years. One of our major questions going into this episode and for a potential season 4 is if it’s time for the rest of the Bernhardt family to learn about Marius not being Pete? How long can this really go on for?

First let’s dive into the painting con that’s going to help free Julia. Marius hands over the three bottles of stolen wine and picks up the money that he then pays to Hickey for the forgery. Marius then heads over to Kilbane’s house to talk about how it’s all going to play out. Kilbane shows Marius the 4 million in diamonds that he’s going to exchange for the painting and makes it very clear that all he really cares about is getting Sy dead or alive.

Marius takes Kilbane to a crowded antique show and he has Carly, Taylor, Hickey and his new friend Doug the wine guy there, but who he didn’t expect to see there was Lizzie (although he really should’ve expected it at this point).

The Lizzie and Marius conversation is something we’ve really been wanting all season and to be honest it feels like if this conversation was had maybe mid way through the season then we would’ve had a much better understanding of their relationship, why it’s like this and would’ve allowed us to grow closer to Lizzie so that by the time we get to the end we ourselves as viewers would be pulled between these two women like Marius is. The strife between them comes from years back when they were working a con that was starting to go sideways. Marius felt that it was time to pull the chute and Lizzie felt it could be saved so Marius left. It did go sideways, Lizzie was stabbed and she’s resented him for leaving her. On the other side Marius also regrets leaving her, still loves her and doesn’t want to make the same mistake that he made with Lizzie with Julia – leaving her to get hurt or worse. He tries to explain that he’s learned from it, but she sees it as another betrayal, that he cares enough about Julia not to leave, but had no problem leaving her. Lizzie forces Marius to make a choice – either leave with her right now or stay and help Julia and he chooses to stay.

So how is the actual Kilbane con going? It’s unfolding the way it should. Otto is playing Sy, and we expected that once he saw Sy it was going to be over since he has said that’s all he wants. Instead Kilbane handcuffs the diamonds in the briefcase to Otto and a banister while he goes over to Hickey’s antique booth to take a look at her painting. After feeling confident that the painting is real (because it is!) he is happy that he has the painting and Sy, but when he looks over and sees Carly has uncuffed the diamonds and has run off he gives chase. He pulls a gun on Carly but Taylor and Doug are there to tackle him letting her get away and giving Doug a chance to switch the paintings so Hickey gets the original back in her hands. Carly hands the diamonds off to Marius and Hickey hands the original stolen painting over to Vinetti who then hands it back in to the museum! and becomes a hero! Kilbane ends up with all of his wine stolen (courtesy of Doug), a painting of some dogs playing poker and no Sy.

While the con for the diamonds went off perfectly, things for Julia are going quite badly. Lizzie’s jealousy has been kicked up a notch after her talk with Marius and she grabs the van that has Julia chained in the back. When Marius and the Bernhardt’s show up to Chuck’s warehouse they quickly realize he doesn’t have Julia any more and Audrey tells him that the cops are on their way and that they know who he really is and that he murdered Randy so prison time for Chuck! Marius slips out the back and finds Lizzie who is willing to give up Julia, but she wants all the diamonds. He gives her what she wants and Marius rescues Julia.

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CarterMatt Verdict

So how did it all wrap up? Marius palmed some of the diamonds to give to Julia to get a good lawyer so she won’t go to jail and maybe send Carly to college. The moment we were really waiting for was to see if this was the time if Marius was going to come clean about who he is and he was ready When he told them that he had something to confess we could see it on Audrey’s face that she knew what was coming in some way, but Otto tells him that he doesn’t want to hear it – no matter what it is he’s part of this family and that’s where they want it left. As much as we wanted to hear the words from Marius, I think there’s a bit of an understanding with Otto and Audrey now that something isn’t right, but at the same time it’s perfectly right for this family and that was good enough for us. He proved to them this season how much he really does care for them and what he’s willing to sacrifice for them (love, money, all of it). This was an incredibly fun ride and we can’t wait to go back and watch it all again.

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