Sneaky Pete season 4: Is it renewed, or could it be canceled by Amazon?

Sneaky Pete season 2
Following its big premiere within the past 24 hours, now seems to be the perfect time to cast a focus on Sneaky Pete season 4. After all, this is a show that many people out there would like to have back for more episodes — especially given the quality of the third season and the strong, consistent storytelling that it brings to the table.

Before we even get too far into the discussion of a possible renewal, though, there’s one other thing that we need to bring up — what in the world was Amazon thinking premiering the show at this point? Had they waited even just one more week to launch it, the show could’ve had infinitely more promotion. Think about it. Today is what we like to call Bloody Friday — a term that we’ve used in reference to all of the cancellations that tend to come out. It’s one of the busiest days in terms of TV news of the year, and almost nobody is sitting around out there discussing Sneaky Pete because of it. Meanwhile, we’re also right in the heart of finale season with shows like MacGyver and Blue Bloods coming to a close tonight. Meanwhile, we’re also only two days removed from another high-profile show in Lucifer coming out. While we may not be an executive over at Amazon Prime, we question the decision-making here at just about every turn.

What makes this all the more frustrating is that there is no word on a Sneaky Pete season 4 just yet — while we’re obviously crossing our fingers and hoping for more of the show, there is no guarantee of anything. The best thing that the series has going for it is that it seems, at least on the surface, to be one of Amazon’s more high-profile shows. It’s maybe not up there in terms of attention with Jack Ryan, but it’s on a similar level to Bosch, a show that has already been renewed for another season. Amazon is also still in an era of streaming where we don’t think that they can cancel too many of their tentpoles without a proper ending. The best thing that they can do in order to properly position themselves for the future is find a way to build a little bit more brand loyalty. With Netflix canceling shows left and right, this can be a great opportunity for Amazon to show that they are the kinder alternative, one that keeps its shows around.

Odds are, we’ll know about a Sneaky Pete season 4 one way or another within the next few months — the longer that the streaming service waits, the more likely it is that they’ll be forcing their viewers to have to wait a super-long time in order to see what’s coming up next … and nobody really wants that.

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