Sneaky Pete season 3 episode 9 review: Is Lila alive? The mystery is solved

Sneaky PeteThings are really ramping up for these last two episodes of Sneaky Pete season 3 and we are living for it! This season has been outstanding and the main reason for it (outside of the really fun cons) is that Marius is back with the Bernhardt family and they are all mixed up in the drama together. The major issue that is uniting them right now is that Chuck has kidnapped Julia and is holding her for ransom – he wants the million dollars back that Tex stole from him and they have 72 hours to cough up the cash or she’s going to be fed to the fishes.

Marius goes for the obvious play and that’s to get on Chuck’s boat, take a bag of his money and give it back to him for Julia, but when he gets on the boat he finds that Lizzie is there and she’s working with Chuck. The stakes have now changed – Chuck wants half of the painting con and Lizzie wants the other half leaving Marius with just Julia as the prize. He tries to explain that he needs Julia for the con, but Lizzie convinces Chuck that she’s not needed and Marius can do it without her. Marius tries to fish out what this is all really about since Chuck has more money then god and suggests that he loved Lila and had his heart broken. This sets Chuck off who reveals that Lizzie told him that Marius is conning the Bernhardt family which is a secret he really wants to stay buried.

So what’s the play? First Marius needs to get that forgery from Hickey so he calls Taylor and tells him that Chuck has Julia, wants 4 million for her (saying it’s the money Tex and Lila stole from him) and that he needs Taylor to go and steal three bottles of wine from Kilbane’s house so he can get that money. He agrees and goes with Otto to Kilbane’s wine cellar. Getting in is easy, but finding the bottles is a problem and after taking too long the security guard temporarily leaves the house and locks them in the cellar not knowing they are there. We got some of our favorite moments of the season between Taylor and Otto as they hashed things out, drank wine and eventually found the bottles they were looking for. They start celebrating loudly forgetting that they are trespassing and the guard hears them. When the guard comes downstairs they knock him out with a bottle, grab the wine and split, so it looks like Marius is going to get that money to pay for Hickey’s forgery. At least something is finally going right!

Marius feels that the link to make all of this work with Chuck is to get in touch with Lila. She knows Chuck, she broke Chuck and she can help get Julia back – at least that’s what he thinks. He’s able to find an address for her in Venice and even though Audrey is still getting testing done in the hospital from her fainting spell (she did not have a heart attack) Marius tells them that he has Lila’s address and they all head out.

So after all of this chasing and believing that Lila could be alive, is she actually? Nope! Turns out that Maggie has been pretending to be Lila and using her identity all this time. The family has some closure on this even though it may not be exactly what they were hoping for, but for Carly especially she just needed to know that her mom didn’t run out on her – and she didn’t.

Marius asks for Maggie’s help since she’s the person that actually knows Chuck and could help get Julia back. Instead she runs out on them (shocker!), but before she does she leaves them a name (Damon) and they hope that it’s something that will unravel Chuck and get Julia back.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Taylor and Otto’s relationship has been pretty strained this season with choices that both of them have been making, so having the two of them locked up in a wine cellar for most of this episode was something that both of them really needed (and we did too!). We loved this! Sneaky Pete season 3 has been more about family then about the cons and as much fun as the cons are we live for the Marius/Bernhardt family connections. Our biggest question is – once the final credits roll on season 3 is anyone else int hat family going to know Marius’ real identity? Three seasons in feels like a good time for someone else to find out.

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