Animal Kingdom season 4 premiere spoilers: First ‘Janine’ episode details!

Animal Kingdom season 3The Animal Kingdom season 4 premiere really isn’t too far away now — right on the other side of sweeps and all of the craziness that is going on with it, you’ll see come Tuesday, May 28 the Codys back in action, causing chaos and doing what they do best. That, of course, does include all of them fighting with each other.

We know that at the center of this season is going to be a war of sorts between J and then Smurf — basically, it’s the new criminal mastermind versus the old one. J is a young upstart, desperate to prove himself and show his viability. Obviously, it does benefit him if he can find a way to set up and then execute jobs without having Smurf even around for any stage. That means more money for him, and then also more money for the rest of the boys.

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Here is where things get a little bit more complicated, as finding a way in which to do this is obviously so much easier said than done. Beyond that, you can’t just build Rome overnight. The season 4 premiere is going to start things off slowly. You’re going to see the focus be a little bit more on Pope and Smurf than Smurf and J, and we’re going to see a real struggle for identity and a quest to figure out just what all is out there within the world.

Curious in some other news? Then take a look at the Animal Kingdom season 4 premiere synopsis — it does do a good job of setting the metaphorical table for what’s next:

In the season four premiere, the Codys pull off a risky robbery that results in a big realization for Craig (Ben Robson). The relationship between Smurf (Ellen Barkin) and Pope (Shawn Hatosy) remains rocky even as Pope tries out a new outlet for his anger. Deran (Jake Weary) involves Adrian (Spencer Treat Clark) in the family business despite warnings from Craig, as J (Finn Cole) tests the waters of his new identity outside the Cody empire. A new criminal crew is introduced with a surprising connection to the Codys.

What’s certainly interesting about this premiere is that it’s entitled “Janine,” otherwise known as Smurf’s real name. As to why it’s that way, it’s certainly a good question and something to think about. What makes this episode more important for her than any other? Is this a Criminal Minds sort of situation, where having an episode named after you is almost always a recipe for disaster? Those are at least some things to think about as we start to inch ever closer to this episode coming to air.

Want some more insight?

Then check out the link here, given that this does offer up a little bit more information on the upcoming character played by one Emily Deschanel. Meanwhile, be sure to share some of your current thoughts/expectations on this Animal Kingdom season in the comments. (Photo: TNT.)

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