Animal Kingdom season 4: First Emily Deschanel photo!

Animal Kingdom season 3Love Bones? Love Animal Kingdom? Then getting to see Emily Deschanel on the latter show really is your match made in heaven after she spent so much time on the former. You know a thing or two (or 200) about Temperance Brennan but you’re still learning about Angela.

What do we know? Well, Emily’s Animal Kingdom character is a mess — we don’t know if she falls into “complete and total mess” territory just yet, but she’s certainly more than “a little bit of a mess.” (We have apparently established gradients when it comes to just how much of a mess someone is.) Angela is the one-time best friend of Pope’s late sister Julia (J’s mom). With that, she has connections to Pope and to J, otherwise known as a lot of people to lean on … or at least try to. We’ve seen this story before to a certain extent with Denis Leary last season — newcomer shows up at the Cody house, tries to get in good with everyone and when things start to go south, take a blowtorch to the world. We have a feeling though, that Angela operates in a slightly different way that Leary’s character Billy — does Animal Kingdom really want to hand you the same exact story two times in a row? That seems doubtful.

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You can get a glimpse of Angela below (via TVLine), and just in image alone you can probably see that we’re not looking at some sort of Billy carbon-copy here. What we know about Angela is that she’s struggled — she just got out of prison — and she could be acting more out of desperation than Billy ever was. He was more of a grifter, someone who wanted to get what he wanted and then move on. It’s hard to say what Angela wants, but the look in her eyes is something akin to fear. There’s something that she’s running from, whether it be a ghost from her past or her history of addiction. If it’s the latter, you can’t exactly say that the Cody House is the best place for her.

Angela should be a major component through much of the fourth season — we don’t know why you even cast Deschanel otherwise! The objective when you bring someone like her on board is you want to tell these big, dramatic story arcs that last a long stretch where you can dive in all the way to a character’s soul; also, you need to see these new characters drive some of your favorite familiar faces up the wall.

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