Sneaky Pete season 3 episode 5 review: The Lizzie problem, Taylor’s messy romances

Taylor Sneaky Pete

Things are moving along nicely in Sneaky Pete season 3 and so far we are really loving this season. Any time we have Marius and Julia together on screen it’s a bounty of riches for viewers and we are all in on this painting con. What we are really enjoying about it is how easily Julia is fitting into this world and what she brings to the table that is different then someone more seasoned like Marius or Lizzie and that’s her ability to form genuine connections with people without guilt.

Carly and Audrey’s hunt for Lila

Audrey has said she’s going to stay in California with Carly and see this thing with Lila through until they get an answer, but Carly has decided to tell more people about it and that includes Julia. She wants Julia to come out and help her with Audrey and finding their mom – obviously Julia has other things that are going on right now and Carly hangs up on her. Julia is having an incredibly difficult time processing all this information about her mother on top of the con, on top of maybe going to prison, on top of maybe losing her children. Her plate is pretty full.

Carly and Audrey follow a lead and learn that Lila really could be alive and that she was friends with a woman she sold her car to (the one she bought from Tex). Carly is disappointed to learn that Lila never mentioned her or her siblings to this woman, but the last time she saw Lila was a few years ago. They also talk to a guy who dated Lila a few years ago, but he also says he doesn’t know where she is now 9and again no mention of her kids). What Audrey does know is everyone seems to be connected to Tex and he’s a liar.

Julia learns the truth

Even though Julia knows what could be going on with her mother, she needs to stay on track with this painting con since it’s her ticket out of prison, but Marius really has become personally invested with the Bernhardt family and whether he likes it or not he cares for Julia. He knows that Julia should be in California with Audrey and Carly right now and cons Kilbane into thinking that they need to go out there as part of the Sy take down. Unfortunately Kilbane won’t agree unless Sy shows up in California himself and he’s coming with them!

Things become even more complicated when Marius reveals privately to Julia that there is no Sy and that he’s been the force behind this the whole time. So what’s Marius’ angle this time? Pretty much the same as last time. Marius wants to take Kilbane for millions of dollars once again and offers Julia upwards to a million dollars for this con if she wants to play. Julia is too beaten down to really contemplate this offer, but more then that she calls him out on the fact that he’s going to screw her over by the end of it if she does play along and she’ll be left holding the bag. He doesn’t exactly deny it, but basically tells her that she’s really doesn’t have a lot of choices here.

The next day Marius takes Julia to a marriage counselor for a session, but really it’s Hickey’s daughter who is the therapist and the real painting that they need for this con is on her wall in the office.

The problem with Lizzie

Marius has another problem outside of getting the money together for the wine con and that problem is a very jealous Lizzie who is threatening to expose him to his fake family because he’s taking too long. This is the story we are starting to have an issue with because really Lizzie has been doing this long enough that she should understand how long it takes to get things together and when you’re talking about $400,000 she should know that it’s going to take more than a minute to get that together. Yeah she may be worried about Marius screwing her over, but it’s been like 2 days – take a seat Lizzie cause we don’t really need this storyline right now… we will get back to you when we need you.

Unfortunately we are stuck with this Lizzie jealousy storyline and she’s decided to take a bond out on herself with Otto and insert herself into that family to get more information on Marius and where he is. Once she finds out he’s in California she heads out to find him.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Outside of the Lizzie stuff we loved this episode! The more Julia nad Marius we get the better off this season will be. Then there’s also Taylor and this seriously weird storyline… all we have to say about this situation with him and Lorraine is that it’s giving us the serious yucks. He loves messy romance, but hooking up with the woman that his grandfather cheated on his grandmother with is next level beyond messy and feels really ick.

Originally we were really excited about Lizzie coming on board and that whole story was exciting and new, but the direction they are going with her as a bored, jealous brat is not doing it for us. Originally she was smart, sophisticated and dangerous, now she feels more like a child throwing a tantrum and we aren’t living for this.

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