Sneaky Pete season 3 episode 6 review: Could Julia turn on Marius?

Sneaky Pete season 3We are more then half way through Sneaky Pete season 3 and there is a lot that we love about this season. We aren’t going to say that it’s perfect because we are not loving the Lizzie storyline as much as we were when she was first introduced and she’s getting a bit bratty and sloppy when she doesn’t need to be part of this at all at the moment, but it’s not enough to take away from how great the Marius and Julia story is or how much we are enjoying Audrey and Carly hunting down the truth about Lila.

Everyone’s going to California

After Lizzie skipped out and left Otto handcuffed to a cabinet he managed to free himself and get over to Taylor’s house to tell him that they need to go to California to get her back since if they don’t it’ll cost them $250,000. Taylor is reluctant to leave (especially since he’s spent the night with Lorraine and she’s in his bedroom) but he agrees.

On their road trip, Taylor comes clean to Otto about losing his job and also about being with Lorraine and he tells Taylor he’s not mad at him. Instead of taking this as a win and figuring things out he decides to buy drugs from a gas station attendant, drive off and end up shirtless on the side of the road with Otto trying to pick up the pieces…. we don’t exactly know what’s going on with Taylor at the moment. We get that he’s lost his job and slept with Lorraine, but this just doesn’t feel right for his character. Do the writers not know what to do with him?


When Julia meets up with Vinetti one on one she decides to tell him what Marius told her about being Sy and Vinetti reveals that he already figured that out. He hasn’t told Kilbane yet cause it’s still mostly a theory and he doesn’t have the proof yet. Vinetti says the plan is still the same and that’s to get Marius in the same room as the painting and actually stealing it since the goal is to get Marius in jail. He advises her to tell Marius that she’s decided to work with him instead of helping Kilbane and continue to build that trust with him… and she does.

Is Lila actually alive?

Audrey, Carly and Tex follow a lead to a job Lila had two years back and while there Audrey notices 2 guys in a car watching them. She asks Carly to take a sly look at see if she recognizes them and instead Tex starts screaming at them to go away (really weird and we didn’t get it). When Marius and Julia meet up with Audrey she shares her concerns over the guys in the car since now they are at Tex’s house too and are no longer being subtle about it.

While Julia, Carly and Tex drive their babysitters away from the house, Audrey and Marius follow another lead which leads them right back to this guy named Chuck that Audrey has met before. He claims that he dated Lila for a while years back and is trying to come across as accommodating when he invites them on his yacht for a coffee. While Audrey chats him up about Lila, Marius excuses himself to find a washroom but instead stumbles into a room full of guns and money. What has Lila gotten herself into?

Turns out Tex has been trying to protect Lila from Chuck – she was originally the one that introduced Chuck to Tex, but as their relationship progressed Chuck was getting possessive and having her followed and then eventually Tex gave Lila all the money from Chuck’s investment into his “wind farm” and she disappeared. Tex wants to help Audrey find Lila, but doesn’t want Chuck to know.

Audrey and Marius go to the home of a man who works for Chuck and Audrey breaks his fingers until he admits that he knows Lila and can get in touch with her. He sends her a text with a place to meet and everyone goes there to see if she will show up. Just as a car with who is presumably Lila shows up, they notice Chuck’s guys lurking in the shadows. Tex blasts the horn and Lila drives of before anyone can see her or talk to her and Chuck’s men are hot on her tail with Marius and Julia not far behind.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Our favorite episodes of this show is when Marius is with the Bernhardt’s and we got plenty of that in this episode. This is when the show is at it’s best and this hunt for Lila has been something that has brought everyone together and has brought Marius even closer to the family. We still aren’t convinced that Lila is actually alive and until we see her in the flesh there just feels like something is kinda off here. What we really want to know is after all is said and done will Julia really screw over Marius and could he actually end up in jail? When Julia was trying to tell Marius that she was in on the con there was a moment on his face where we felt like he wasn’t convinced and with him always being a few steps ahead (and knowing how pissed Julia is with him) we could see this ending badly for her.

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