Sneaky Pete season 3 episode 7 review: Did Kilbane get his revenge on Marius?

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Is Lila actually alive? That’s the biggest question of the Sneaky Pete season 3 storyline and we still don’t have a straight answer. In the last episode we saw a car pull up that possibly had her in it but we still haven’t seen her. Chuck’s men gave chase after her and that’s where we are picking up in this episode.

Where is Lila?

After a chase Lila’s car ends up getting smashed up and when Julia and Marius get to the car she’s gone. In the wind once again except now she knows people are looking for her and she’s going to be even more careful – they really blew their chance… really Tex blew their chance. Why did he honk that horn? He still says it’s cause he saw Chuck’s guy and wanted to warn her, but he was also the only person to go after Randy and just kinda let him get away. Audrey feels like something more is going on with Tex and we have to agree.

Later Taylor and Carly go over to see Randy (the guy that set up the meeting with Lila) and he’s found dead – looks like an overdose. Was it Chuck’s men or was it Lila? The one thing that was revealed was that one of the guys that chased after Lila and has been following the Bernhardt family around is a cop.

Vinetti’s push

Kilbane is growing impatient with how long this is all taking and Vinetti tells Julia to convince Marius that the deal has to go down that evening or else Kilbane is going to pull his offer. Julia wants to get this wrapped up, but we can see a few cracks in her as she sees how much Marius is helping her entire family through this Lila situation.

Julia is able to work some magic on Marius and they head into Los Angeles to get their ducks in a row to make it happen, unfortunately Audrey and Otto are also headed there to deal with Lizzie since they know she’s there looking for Pete and are hoping that Pete will lead them to her.

Seems like Julia is getting a handle on the Lizzie/bond situation another way for her family and that’s by telling Vinetti that when he does his sweep of Marius that night that he needs to get Lizzie for her too and after some persuasion he agrees. Julia has also learned that Marius is going to undergo some sort of physical torture before being handed to the police (Kilbane wants him to suffer) and even though she doesn’t show it we can tell that she’s uncomfortable with the idea of that. Who wouldn’t be!?

The painting pain

Marius goes to get the painting from Hickey’s daughter’s office and she catches him. We expected things to go south for Marius really quickly, but instead it just made things worst for Hickey. When her daughter finds out that’s the real painting she is beyond upset that her mother used her to hide something like that and that she had it hung because she thought it was her mother’s artwork as a reminder to her that everyone has their flaws – now she just wants it out of her life telling Marius to take it and never return. A win for Marius – so bad for Hickey. Marius doesn’t care about many people in his life, but we could see the hurt he knows he’s caused for Hickey and how bad it is.

The con

After getting all the pieces in place for the con Marius meets up with Julia, Vinetti and Kilbane and as he is pulling the van in Julia is holding out the GPS that Vinetti gave her and Marius sees it right before she slips it into her pocket. Was this on purpose or was this an error? We feel like it’s on purpose because once Marius has a chance he pulls it out of her pocket. When he asks where the painting authenticator is Vinetti tells him that since Sy has never met him before that he will play the authenticator and immediately we can see all over Marius’ face that he knows something is off.

All of this is a bit of a distraction for another con that Lizzie and Marius are pulling off on Kilbane at the same time as she’s at his house trying to get access to his wine cellar to use as a prop for the wine con going on. Double con! While Kilbane, Julia and Vinetti are left to authenticate the painting, Marius and Lizzie take the wine auctioneer over to Kilbane’s house and show off his collection to continue to build the trust with him and it works.

So was Kilbane and Vinetti able to catch Marius? When they return from the wine con Vinetti calls in his secret code word to bring in his guys and catch Marius, but because he moved the GPS from Julia’s pocket they end up at the wrong house – busting Audrey and Otto!

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CarterMatt Verdict

This episode gave us some really heart-wrenching performances from everyone when it came to the aftereffects of being so close to seeing if Lila is alive and her now being in the wind. We can’t imagine the feeling of thinking your mother is dead for all these years and having that shock of learning that she could be alive and all the questions that come with this. Why did she leave? Why did she abandon her children? Is she in trouble? The entire cast really showed us the range of emotions and how differently everyone is processing something as difficult as this and for us this was the meat of this episode. We love the cons (they are always fun to watch) but this was beyond incredible. This cast has something really special when they come together on screen and feels like an actual family – dysfunction and all.

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