Sneaky Pete season 3 episode 8 review: Marius exposes Tex

Sneaky Pete

Marius has once again gotten away with his con… in fact right now he’s balancing two cons at the same time! Sneaky Pete season 3 is bringing everything you love about this show to the table: Drama with the Bernhardt family and really fun cons. So what’s the next step in the Kilbane con and what other obstacles are going to pop up? Let’s dive in.

Kilbane got nothing out of this but angry over the situation and is starting to suspect everyone, including Vinetti, of being in on this mess. Now he has to wait to get to see Sy until the exchange, but he’s well aware that at that point Sy would be with a fake painting and nothing linking him to a hefty jail sentence.

The next day Marius sits down with Julia and calls her out on the tracking device and we learn that she actually wasn’t trying to tip Marius off by holding it out in the open, she was just being careless. He tells her that he understands why she tried to go about it this way, however now she really does only have him to depend on and needs to work with him to get to the end together. She doesn’t seem to lean one way or another on it, but once Hickey shows up with the forgery and they don’t have the money to pay her they have a brand new problem on their hands… and that’s not the only problem. Sean has shown up to pick up Julia since she is out on a bond through their company and is in another state.

So what’s going on here with Sean? Turns out that Vinetti has called Sean to get Julia removed from the equation since she’s gumming up the works. He tells Marius that he knows that he’s Sy and that Kilbane is never going to end up getting what he wants so he needs Marius to pull off the con and give him half the money. Otherwise he’s going to call Bagwell and get Marius thrown in jail. Vinetti turned on Marius – shocker!

Marius tells Lizzie what’s going on and that they need Julia to help, but Lizzie gives Marius another plan that sets up Vinetti as Sy to Killbane and they don’t need Julia for that. We saw a moment where Marius was trying to think of a way to convince her then decides against it. Lizzie has gone through a lot to get Marius back with her and has long wanted Julia out of her hair, so Marius lets it go. What he is able to convince her of is to go back to Bakersfield and get the money he owes to Hickey from Tex from a really simple and fun con. Watching Marius take money from Tex was a thing of glory! Unfortunately when Marius takes the check to the bank to get it cashed he learns that it’s a bad check and that Tex has no money in his accounts at all. He’s broke.

Marius finds out that the money he allegedly gave to Lila from Chuck for the wind farm Tex actually kept for himself and used to cover his debts. Chuck thinks that Lila ripped him off when she didn’t and he’s looking for her… Tex put her life in danger and her into hiding for his own ego of not wanting to claim bankruptcy. Clearly nothing has changed with him.

While Marius is off trying to get together the money for Hickey the Bernhardt family has come up with a plan to get Julia free from Sean. They play a distraction to get Carly into the hotel room to free Julia, but it all goes sideways and not only do the Bernhardt’s not get Julia, but two of Chuck’s guys come in, knock out Sean and take Julia leaving Audrey dropping to the ground (heart attack? panic attack?).

Later Chuck meets up with Tex and Marius to tell them that he will trade Julia for the million dollars that Tex and Lila stole from him and they have 72 hours to get the money together. This makes Lizzie beyond angry since she just wants to get their con squared away and she doesn’t care in the least what happens to Julia. Marius on the other hand does and makes his choice to get Julia back leaving Lizzie angry as she abandons him.

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CarterMatt Verdict

One of the things that we’ve loved about this season is the progression of Marius. When we first met him he didn’t care about anyone and we have slowly (very slowly) seen his heart opening up a bit to this family, something that hasn’t happened to him before in any of his cons. Don’t get us wrong, we know that he’s not a great person, but we don’t think he’s so heartless as to let someone die regardless if Lizzie thinks he is that guy. The Bernhardt family is in chaos right now, but hopefully Marius can tie this all together and get Julia back before these last two episodes are through.

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