Big Brother Canada 7 finale: Was Dane Rupert, Anthony Douglas winner?

Dane RupertTonight, the Big Brother Canada 7 finale officially aired on Global, but who did end up emerging as the champion at the end?

We gotta say that, for starters, there was a LOT of filler in this episode. Seriously. A lot. We wish we had more time with the jury questions and less of the recap, but it is what it is. It was nice getting to see a lot of the players again on the stage.

Let’s talk here about Dane’s risky decision — he ended up taking Anthony to the end over Kyra, making it clear that he valued loyalty more so than just about anything. Kyra probably wouldn’t have gotten a lot of support at the end of the season, and Anthony had played a pretty good strategic game.

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Yet, in the end, Anthony’s biggest problem may have been himself. Just during the jury questions alone, we were pretty worried about him. He didn’t perform well, and didn’t really articulate all of the intricacies of his game altogether well. He also could’ve done a better job making it clear to people like Cory about where some of his true loyalties lied. Dane did not play a perfect game by any means, but he was passionate and he could point to a number of big, individual challenge wins. At this point within the history of Big Brother Canada, we do tend to think that a good bit of that stuff matters.

We just feel like Dane’s victory here speaks mostly to the fact that he was a fan and understood this game and the jury management part of it a lot better. People like Anthony can play the house really well, but clearly he didn’t think a lot in terms of what happened on the other side of that. We never imagined in a million years that this victory would be a unanimous one, but it certainly makes for an interesting end to the season. Dane was the best possible winner of the final three in terms of everything that he saw — the Pretty Boys alliance wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable one through the season, but Dane was competitive, he won when he need to, and he also did play the game. He was a little reckless and got a lot of blood on his hands, but that didn’t end up mattering all that much for him in the end.

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