Will Big Brother Canada season 8 renewal happen on Global?

Big Brother Canada 6 castingAre we going to get a Big Brother Canada season 8 renewal over at Global? Consider this video, in so many ways, a great opportunity to try and separate a little bit of fact from fiction.

Let’s start things off here with what seems to be an internet consensus that this season isn’t one of the best — we get that, since it was so much controlled by a single side of the house and most of the players in the minority group came across as rather passive. Yet, in terms of the show’s ratings, you wouldn’t get a sense that really anyone was bored. This has been one of the more successful seasons since the move to Global! It’s certainly stronger than season 5, which was the season that temporarily put the show’s future in jeopardy, and it’s even done well for most of the season compared to season 6. It hasn’t matched season 4, but that’s understandable — it’s hard for anyone to match up to the entertainment greatness of Tim Dormer and Nikki Grahame.

Anyhow, based on the numbers, it makes sense for there to be a season 8 renewal. There are some other factors here, including the show’s ability to retain sponsors, but we don’t see any reason why they would struggle with that. While there have been some frustrating moments here and there with the likability of certain houseguests, there haven’t been any full-blown, national-news scandals that would actually get sponsors bailing on the property.

So once a season 8 renewal is announced, we can then start putting a focus on some other important stuff. Take, for example, seeing what producers can do to really shake the show up. You can try to think of new twists or new ways for Canada to be involved, but really, what matters the most is the cast. Think back to season 2, in our mind the best season we’ve had. How many of the twists do you remember beyond maybe Canada’s HoH? There aren’t that many. We don’t think twists really are that important in retrospect, even if they can contribute to the overall narrative of a given season. Just come up with a cool design, a few interesting tweaks to the game, and then get a cast who really represent all walks of life within Canada. If you do these things, then odds are you’re going to have a season that goes down in the history books. That’s really the best thing that you can hope for.

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When will Big Brother Canada season 8 premiere?

Most likely in March. You don’t know if there’s going to be a Celebrity Big Brother season 3 (or at least we don’t right now) in America, and you don’t want to impede all that much with that. Ultimately, the #1 thing you want to ensure is that you have a nice window to get good ratings and this qualifies.

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