Young Sheldon season 2 finale spoilers: A surprise Big Bang Theory ‘crossover’

Young SheldonThe upcoming season 2 finale of Young Sheldon airing next week is going to be doing what it can in order to tribute The Big Bang Theory. Of course, we mean that below the show’s central premise.

According to a new report coming in right now via TVLine, the CBS sitcom is going to be introducing young versions of Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette during the finale, which is going to air following the series finale of the flagship show. How in the world this happens, meanwhile, is the mystery. Sheldon didn’t know any of these people when he was a kid, so you can’t just rewrite the timeline and have him spend time with them — unless this is some sort of weird, meta dream situation. We don’t think that will be the case.

Personally, we think that the season 2 finale should just give us a tiny dose of childhood for some of the other characters — even if it’s just little 20-second tags. That could be a way to get more information and context of what we’ve heard from some of these characters via some assorted stories over the years. Beyond that, this is also a way in which to get a hearty dose of nostalgia. Characters like Howard’s mother could be referenced for the first time in a rather long time. That matters for those who have been watching The Big Bang Theory from the beginning.

Even though the main show may be ending next week, Young Sheldon is still going to continue for at least a little while longer. Will it ever be joined by some sort of present-day spin-off to the flagship show? That’s not something that we’re 100% willing to rule out at the moment, but for the time being, we’re considering it doubtful. There’s very little reason to think that it will happen for at least another year and at that point, it really comes down to whether or not there is a good idea.

As of right now, CBS seems to be keeping its cards close to the vest on who will be playing the younger versions of some of these characters — we’re not expecting too many big names, since this entire reveal, no matter how it plays out, will be likely about celebrating the Big Bang Theory gang as a whole rather than just trying to get headlines for some degree of stunt casting — but we’ll get a good sense as to how it’s going to play out soon, more than likely.

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