The Big Bang Theory season 12 episode 22 preview: Leonard’s mom & closure

The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 2Next week, The Big Bang Theory season 12 episode 22 is going to be there and we can’t help but get emotional. We’re so close now to the finale and beyond that, there’s such a sense of closure in the idea the writers seem to be bringing to the table. The title alone here in “The Maternal Conclusion” seems to suggest that this is the episode where Leonard can bury the hatchet with his mother Beverly, who has not been altogether kind to him for the bulk of the series’ run. She’s mocked him, acted condescending towards him, and then treated some of his friends better than she’s treated him.

Here is your reminder now that Leonard is actually a brilliant scientist and one-of-a-kind dude, certainly the sort of person worthy of all the love in the world. Even though Beverly doesn’t often see that, others do … and we feel like she could within this episode. This is an important opportunity to tie up that loose end before the finale comes around and the opportunity arises to get more of a sense of closure with a number of different characters.

Below, CarterMatt does offer the official The Big Bang Theory season 12 episode 22 synopsis if you do want more news all about what’s next:

“The Maternal Conclusion” – Leonard is pleasantly surprised when Beverly (Christine Baranski) comes to visit and she’s genuinely kind to him, until he finds out the real reason she’s there. Also, Denise and Stuart overstay their welcome at the Wolowitz house, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, May 9 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

So why is Beverly there? That’s certainly a good question, and one of the possible reads you can have for it is that she may want something from him … something that he may not be all that excited to give her. This entire ordeal with the nice behavior and the abundance of kindness may be, more or less, a bribe to get his attention and interest.

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Of course, there is another possible reason of this situation that you could come up with if you really want to — though it’s really dark. What if something is happening to Beverly, like she’s really sick and she is coming to Leonard and tell him last-minute? That’s a pretty dark read of the end of this series, but one of the things that The Big Bang Theory has always done is recognized that while this is a fun, silly show, there is a certain degree of darkness underneath. You’ve probably seen in here opportunities aplenty over the years to confront serious issues, like the death of Howard’s mother, some of Sheldon’s own past, and also Howard being abandoned by his father.

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