Survivor: Edge of Extinction finale preview: Who could be the winner?

Edge of ExtinctionComing up next week, the big Survivor: Edge of Extinction finale is officially going to be here on CBS! This is going to be one of the more intriguing finales in quite some time, mostly because we know that there is someone returning to the game.

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The first question you have to wonder is who could return to the game. There are a lot of candidates for it, mostly because there are SO many people who could theoretically re-enter the game based on how many people are still out there. The obvious conclusion that you could draw at the moment is that the clear favorite is Joe Anglim. Yet, there is no guarantee that he will be great at whatever challenge it is.

After that person makes it back to the game, then the next question is simple: Can they actually make it a little bit further in the game? They’re going to be the obvious person to get rid of at final six, especially since Rick Devens is almost certainly going to play the hidden immunity idol since this could be the last opportunity that he has in order to properly play it. They’re going to need to win immunity at final six, and then hope that Devens is the bigger target at final five. If they can win the immunity at final four, then they can make it to the end … but can they then actually win?

This is what makes the endgame tricky. Let’s say someone like Joe makes it to the end despite being the first person voted out at the merge. Can he actually win? We’re not entirely sure that he can, even if most of the Survivor world loves him. What would the argument be? Maybe you could argue that someone like Kelley Wentworth would have a chance, but some of these people would need to really do a lot at the end of the game in order to have a good argument.

So why does Rick Devens have a chance when a new returnee wouldn’t? We think that a lot of the edge probably comes from him having to do SO much for so long in order to stay alive. He’s just got such a resume at this point and, beyond just that, we’re not sure that there is a completely dominant, strategic force elsewhere who you can argue deserves to win at this point more than him.

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