Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 12 review: The legend of Rick Devens


Tonight, on Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 12, Rick Devens continues to be the Survivor gift that keeps on giving. Even if you don’t love him, at least he’s bringing us a little bit of drama at a time where the game would otherwise be fairly predictable.

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In the early going tonight, Rick found a hidden immunity idol! It continues to baffle us how these people ever let this guy out of their sight, even if they don’t all think that there are idols hidden in camp. That allowed him a chance to really just spend the rest of the episode messing with people, hiding in trees and trying to do whatever he can to screw with a whole lot of people. To make matters all the more entertaining, Devens ended up winning immunity as well! That allowed him the ability to have a whole lot of fun as the episode went along.

Early on this week, it was made very apparent that there is a dominant four-person alliance in the game in Aurora, Lauren, Gavin, and Victoria. They were running the show, but the problem was that it was clear that Aurora was the fourth. Gavin didn’t pick her to go on reward, and because of that, she already felt like somewhat of an outsider. This is where Devens made another shrewd move — he used his idol as leverage!

While Rick didn’t actually play the idol, he was able to dangle it over Julie and clearly, that was enough for the other players (some of whom were thinking about keeping her in the first place) to get Aurora out. Really, this doesn’t change all that much in turns of Rick’s long-term prospects in the game — Julie would lose to him at the end, so we don’t see her suddenly wanting to side with him until the final three. Yet, he did get rid of someone who is a better challenge competitor and it may make sense for Julie to stick with him, depending on what happens next at the end of Edge of Extinction with a returning player. Otherwise, she’s a clear fourth when there’s a group of three on the other side.

If nothing else, Devens gave us some fun tonight — and we like Aurora, but it was still rather fun to see events play out like they did. Still, it’s going to be hard to break up the final three arrangement in its current form.

CarterMatt Verdict

While this may not be the greatest season ever, at least Devens is trying to give us gold when there aren’t a whole lot of incredibly dynamic personalities out there. Also, we do still feel like there are a lot of possible winner candidates, given how low the odds are that Rick makes it to the end in the first place.

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