NCIS season 16 episode 23 promo analysis: Gibbs’ ‘Lost Time’ problem

Mark HarmonGo ahead and prepare yourself for NCIS season 16 episode 23 next week, especially if you’ve been enjoying this current arc with Gibbs. “Lost Time” may prove itself to be one of the most emotional episodes of the entire season, and there is a pretty good reason for that.

What’s the main crux of the story? Think along the lines of Gibbs’ big confession when it comes to killing Hernandez so many years ago. The reason he did it was a way to get justice following the death of Shannon and Kelly Gibbs; we do think that the team is able to reconcile what he did because of what they know about the character. Yet, at the same time, there are all sorts of other questions worth asking. Are they really going to be able to move on? Meanwhile, even if they are, will Gibbs be completely in his head about it?

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The official CBS synopsis for “Lost Time” notes that Gibbs is going to “unravel” while at a crime scene, which is something that may startle the team just as much as anything else that they’ve experienced him. If Gibbs leaves a crime scene and doesn’t give the team a good sense of what he’s up to, how good at his job is he really going to be? If his departure renders the other agents unable to work at capacity, that’s a problem — and that’s our concern moving into the end of the season. There is only so much that one person can handle and we are starting to inch closer to that breaking point with Gibbs.

So, by the end of this season, we think that Gibbs is going to have to get a handle on where he is emotionally — otherwise, he may not be able to do his job as he once was.

Where Gibbs is going to be looking for help…

Think in terms of Dr. Grace Confalone, who is going to be making an appearance in “Lost Time.” She’s going to be the person who advises him, and it’s interesting that he chooses to go to her rather than going to Sloane — but that may be, in part, due to the natural closeness that he has to Sloane because of the job. If you love scenes with Mark Harmon and Maria Bellow together, we still have a good feeling that you’re going to see plenty of those throughout some of the upcoming episodes — we’re not particularly concerned about that in the slightest.

For some other information when it comes to NCIS…

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