NCIS season 16 episode 22 review: Hernandez, Gibbs, & Judge Dredd


Tonight, NCIS season 16 episode 22 kicked off with a shooting — one within Gibbs’ own home! Clark was set to meet Gibbs there, but Mallory soon confronted him and following that, a shootout erupted. Mallory survived, but Clark died and soon after that, the NCIS team got on the case.

The questions that followed here were fairly simple. Take, for starters, why Mallory was following Clark so closely.

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Ultimately, the show wasted very little time to point out who one of the people responsible for this vigilante network was — the same judge in Judge Deacon from the cast in part one! This was a guy who, realizing seemingly that Gibbs was closing in on him, decided to order a hit on him … using Hernandez, the man he killed following what happened to Shannon and Kelly Gibbs.

So where did Wynn Crawford fit into everything? We knew that the account was in his name, but he claimed that he didn’t have a whole lot to do with how it was being used at the moment. Gibbs and Vance weren’t ready to clue him on everything, at least for the time being, so the conversation ended there. It does seem as though Crawford isn’t involved, mostly because we’ve already seen the scene with the judge!

Let’s get back now to the hit out on Gibbs since, soon after the scene with Crawford, he ended up confronting some of what was going on with him head-on. This was a crazy

Ducky’s big discovery

We don’t get to see all that much of David McCallum on the show these days, but he turned up today with some valuable information — the murders that took place were all in different jurisdictions, but the judges in them all clerked under the same man: Our NCIS Judge Dredd.

Following that big reveal, Gibbs went and had a discussion with the Judge himself, making it clear that he knows — but, because the two didn’t kill each other, the beat goes on and Gibbs was left in an uncomfortable position. He had to confess to what he did to Hernandez years ago.

The confession and the aftermath

Gibbs did tell the agents as to what he did to the man who killed his family, and it’s one of the first times we’ve seen him shock some of the other members of the team. Gibbs was desperate for answers and, after the admission, he did learn something — the print of the person who put Mallory’s photo on his car was none other than Mallory Madden. She was involved.

The next order of business was making sure that Mallory was located and, following that, they could bring her in. Fittingly, she was at the diner, and that is where Gibbs and the rest of the team found her. She willingly turned herself in and that led to an interrogation featuring her and Vance. We’ve learned that Mallory has a habit of trying to worm out of tough situations — she claimed that she changed course on killing Gibbs when she learned that he was the target, and that she only got into Judge Deacon’s employ after what transpired with Vance and the end of their relationship.

At least Mallory did offer up something valuable to the team: Evidence. Then, Gibbs tried to play chicken with Deacon in his fancy bowling alley — nobody shot each other, and because Mallory recorded one of their prior recordings, the judge was arrested. Then, Crawford rewarded Vance to the best of his ability — he wasn’t crooked in the slightest! He also owes NCIS greatly.

CarterMatt Verdict

A pretty phenomenal NCIS episode, right? “…And Executioner” did a good job of bringing back Gibbs’ past, and also delivering a great mystery with some solid investigative work by the team. Sure, Vance is heartbroken right now over Mallory, but we got a feeling that he’ll be able to move forward in due time.

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