NCIS season 16 episode 22: Brace for a big Gibbs reveal

Mark HarmonThere is seemingly a lot of important NCIS content coming on season 16 episode 22, especially when it comes to Gibbs. How so? Think along the lines of something that could fundamentally surprise some of his co-workers in a way that they’re not typically surprised by him.

Heck, you can make an argument here that Gibbs is one of the most unsurprising people out there. More often than not, you tend to know both who this guy is and also where he stands. That could be changing for at least one moment.

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So what can you expect to see happen tonight? Well, let’s allow one of the folks responsible for the show spell it out! Speaking via TVLine, here is some of what executive producer Steven Binder had to say on the subject:

“Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) is going to make a rather large reveal to his co-workers … I’ll let you wait to see what that reveal is, but it’s going to change the whole team dynamic in a way. There will be this sort of fallout as the team reconciles this ‘new Gibbs’ that they didn’t really know existed.”

So what could this big reveal be? Given that the subject of “…And Executioner” is vigilante justice, we think that there are some interesting theories you can conjure up from some of Gibbs’ own history. The nature of right and wrong can be somewhat difficult to differentiate sometimes, especially when you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t get punished by the justice system as they should. This is where this whole vigilante network is coming from — but, if you’re taking out threats just because they’re bad people, it’s easy overtime to become like Dexter Morgan. You’re killing via means of a code, but it also is such a slippery slope and it can turn into an impulse … especially if that code changes.

This episode tonight is going to examine all of these different facets of vigilantism … and maybe cause Gibbs to take a long look at himself and his value set. All of this could lead into some very important discussions that Mark Harmon’s character has in episode 23 — with the way in which the story is being told right now, it feels possible that the final episodes of season 16 could all be in some way linked. Maybe not directly in terms of the cases being solved, but almost certainly thematically.

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