NCIS season 16 episode 22 video: A shooting at Gibbs’ house!

Mark HarmonTomorrow night, NCIS season 16 episode 22 is going to arrive on CBS and bring with it a mission that hits home … literally. As in, there is a dead body located at an agent’s home. That agent just so happens to be none other than Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

In the sneak peeks below for this upcoming episode, you get a little bit of a briefing in regards to what happened to CIA officer Clark, who Mallory claims she killed in self-defense. That’s what she tries to stress to Leon after the fact, making it clear that she wants in on this case — and that she wants justice no matter what. Of course, if you’re Vance the question you gotta wonder here is simply this: Can you really trust her at this point? This is someone who already pretended to engage in a romantic relationship just to determine if you could be trusted. Trust is not the sort of thing that can be easily earned back, in particular in this sort of situation where you were previously at your most intimate and vulnerable. You can’t just move away from that or forget that. It’s fundamentally impossible.

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Of course, there is a larger issue also present in “…And Executioner” beyond just what is going on with Mallory, and that is trying to get to the bottom of a vast conspiracy. We’re talking here about a network of vigilante justice that stretched coast to coast, where people who were responsible for murders were taken out when the legal system failed. The money handed down for these killings came via the mysterious secret bank account. Unfortunately, no matter what sort of research Kasie and the rest of the team do, they’re really not getting anything in the way of concrete answers. Instead, what they’re dealing with are more questions.

Through this episode, we feel like Gibbs and company will get to the bottom of this! Also, they’ll work to try and take on another important question — how does the team feel about all of this? Obviously, murder is bad, and vigilante justice certainly can be, as well. You want bad people off the streets, but responding with murder with more murder is a little too medieval a strategy for 2019. The thing to remember here, though, is that the tables could turn when the case starts to become a little more personal. We’re going to see that come later this month in the finale when Fornell’s daughter is kidnapped and he and Gibbs are forced to ask themselves some important questions.

It’s possible that the specifics surrounding the secret bank account and vigilante network are wrapped up within this episode … but rest assured, some of the thematic residue is going to be sticking around for some time. It’s hard for it not to when you’ve got Gibbs so personally involved in everything right now. Even if he’s not directly linked to these government perpetrators, this is still his government. It’s the government and the institution he trusts.

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