NCIS season 16 episode 22 promo breakdown: Is a hit out on Gibbs?

NCISNCIS season 16 episode 22, entitled “…And Executioner,” is coming in just over six days! This is the continuation of the secret-bank account mystery, one that has been attached to many threads and some shape or form throughout the season.

In the first promo for the episode (which CarterMatt has for you below), you get a sense of how dangerous things are becoming … and it’s bad news for Gibbs. Although “bad news for Gibbs” could be the theme for the better part of season 16 (or at least the second half of it). This is a man who’s had his core beliefs rattled, found out terrible news about his ex-fiancee, and has also learned more about a secret vigilante justice program within his own government and funding. This is a world that he trusts, one that he believes in with every fabric of his being. Gibbs has to face the dark, rather unwelcoming possibility that he and his colleagues are some of the only good guys left.

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What we know about the bank account is this: Someone (Wynn Crawford? Someone framing Wynn Crawford?) is setting up people to be almost the NCIS version of Arrow season 1 Oliver Queen, going around and killing people who have “failed this city.” The problem is the fundamentals of one Oliver Queen don’t really work in the real world, since killing people isn’t exactly something endorsed by the letter of the law. After Gibbs and the team started sniffing around the account and getting a few leads, it also seems like whoever’s operating it may be expanding their agenda somewhat. Previously, they were just going after people who “deserved it.” Now, they’re going after Gibbs.

Why target Gibbs? It’s obviously something to do with him being “too close” to the truth and he has to be taken out because of it. Just think — a government official may be using a secret bank account to hire someone to kill another prominent government employee. Also, said target is one of the best crime-fighters that the NCIS world has ever seen. To keep the comic-book comparisons going, Gibbs is the NCIS version Superman. (Does that make the assassin more his Doomsday than his Oliver Queen?)

Anyhow, we should note that it feels like whoever ordered a hit on Gibbs (per the promo) is someone tied to the bank account. We suppose that it’s possible (theoretically) that the account here is just a smokescreen and someone else is leaping on an opportunity to jump out at him and make some sort of big move. It may be someone with a personal vendetta … given that it feels like there has to be at least THREE ZILLION people in the criminal world who have an ax to grind against this guy.

This episode is airing next Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. Brace yourself, and remember that you can catch up on last night’s “Judge, Jury…” by reading our full review for it over at the link here.

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