NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 23 video: First look at Harmon Rabb’s return!

HarmFor their first NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 23 promo, CBS is making sure that there is nostalgia at virtually every turn. How else do you describe what they’re bringing to the table here? You’ve got a new promo featuring David James Elliott as Harmon Rabb Jr. for the first time in ages — if you love nostalgia, we definitely think that this fits the bill.

It is interesting, though, seeing just how hard CBS is leaning into the nostalgia here, whether it be the music in the promo or featuring Harm front and center welcoming Sam and Callen aboard his vessel, the USS Allegiance. It’s a striking image that puts him in a position of power, and the implication that we get from this more or less immediately is that CBS wants you to realize that Harm has been doing rather well for himself since the final episode of this show first aired. He’s not in the spot in his life he once was, but he is certainly doing a lot of exciting things potentially for the good of both the military and himself.

Now, as for how we’re going to see Rabb back on the show, it has to do with Sam and Callen needing his help in the Persian Gulf to stop what seems to be the rise of an underground terrorist network. It’s a rather organic way in order to weave him back into this universe without it being hokey, and we actually like, in turn, that we’re seeing the debut of Harm and then Catherine Bell’s Mac in different episodes. This helps to make sure that they each get their own proper reintroduction, but they also get to share some time together at the same time.

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By the end of these upcoming episodes, we’re at least going to feel a little bit more like we’ve gotten our JAG fix — or, at least enough of it until we hear about if CBS is really going to consider bringing the show back altogether! We’d certainly love to see more of it, but we do think that there has to be the right overall idea and people involved. The last thing anyone should want is just for the show coming back without it having anything new to say or a reason for it to resurface.

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