NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 22 review: Is Anna leaving? Callen & closure


Tonight, NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 22 concentrated a lot of the action in Cuba; to go along with that, it also delivered some big reveals.

Did Callen find his father while in the country? Sure, but in the process of that he also learned quite a bit about his family along the way — namely, that his father was responsible for raising the child of one of his own enemies. This was emotional torture for him to deal with that, plus then also quite a bit of physical torture to go along with this. Callen had to be patient here, given that he had to wait in order for him to get out of this — as it turns out, though, his “enemy” and his father’s surrogate son wasn’t all that much of an enemy at all. He also wanted Volkoff taken down by whatever means necessarily.

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What we had in the closing minutes of the episode was a violent shootout, but also one that contained some pleasant surprises. Take, for example, the news that Anna and Joelle were not actually dead. That’s something that the writers were really intent on trying to make people believe for the bulk of this episode, and for a time, we almost did … almost. It just seemed too crazy for them to do this, especially when they clearly seem to enjoy coming back and being a part of the show.

Luckily, Callen was able to get out of this situation with Callen, Anna, Joelle, and his father — and really, he has all of his friends and colleagues to thank. Nell and Eric from afar helped to devise a clever way in order to get everyone out, and after that, Callen did receive some most unfortunate news from Anna: She is sticking behind in Cuba. She knows that there’s no real way she can go back given her escape … and it does make us wonder if Bar Paly will ever appear on the show again. We’ll have to wait and see on that.

At the end of the episode, Callen’s father talked with him in the hospital and made it clear that he wanted to see his other daughter. Hence, he paid a visit to Hannah’s grave at the end of the episode. He got a sense of closure, and in that graveside meeting at the end, Callen got a little bit of it, as well.

CarterMatt Verdict

Let’s start here with giving a nod to Hetty, who is really the person responsible for working with Anna on this operation in the first place. Then, let’s give credit to Callen for finding a way to get through this and get his father back to America in one piece. We’re not exactly sure that these characters are ever going to be the best of friends, but at least there is a lot of mutual respect here.

In the end, don’t you have to chalk up this as a victory for Callen? Anna may not be back with him, but at the same time she’s at least alive … and you also never quite know what the future is going to hold.

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