NCIS season 17: Do you want Ziva, Alex, Tony, or Abby back? (Poll)

NCISWe’ve obviously been talking a great deal about returning NCIS characters as of late through the lens of Ziva, but, for the sake of this article, why not expand the field a little bit? Why not discuss some of the other notable characters from the show’s robust history that could merit another visit?

In this article (and poll!), we’re going to list off some of the people we’d most love to see on the show again, at least out of the people who are alive. (It would be cool to get more of Caitlin Todd, Clayton Reeves, or Mike Franks, but we gotta be at least somewhat realistic here!) We’ve got a list of viable contenders below, and then on the other side, you can vote for your own favorite. We’ll announce the winner Thursday night at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time, so be sure to vote however much you want until then! Of course, we also want to hear from you in the comments if there’s someone else you want to see back on the show down the line who isn’t included here.

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Abby Sciuto – Isn’t it somewhat of a surprise that we haven’t had more opportunities to at least hear about this character over the course of the past several weeks? While we do understand on some level the desire to push the story forward to let Kasie settle in to her role and not dwell on Abby’s exit, the character is still alive and close friends with McGee.

Abigail Borin – For years, she was one of the most popular recurring characters on the show, and she brought a significant Coast Guard presence to go along with it. However, Diane Neal has been more involved in politics as of late and we’re not even sure she wants to return to acting.

Alex Quinn – Jennifer Esposito had a prominent role on the show for a single season, and then basically disappeared into the ether to neither be seen nor heard from again. It would at least be nice to get some sort of update on what she’s doing now.

Hollis Mann – Given her history with Gibbs, and also just the fact that Susanna Thompson is awesome, isn’t there a way to make a return here worthwhile? Given that we have been going through Gibbs’ past as of late, it could be useful to do so with someone still alive.

Tony DiNozzo – While it’s a little hard to imagine (actor commitments and all) seeing the character back around full-time, there’s a case to be made for at least a short arc featuring the character — that’s especially the case if you include who is next…

Ziva David – One of the most popular characters in the series’ history, Ziva is already at the center of a storyline that could bring her back. At the moment, we at least know that the character is alive, so isn’t that a starting-off point for at least something?

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Let us know below which NCIS character you want to see back on the series! (Photo: CBS.)

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