Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon on shock American Idol elimination

Jeremiah Lloyd HarmonIf you’re a viewer of American Idolthere’s a reasonably good chance that your eyes popped right out of your skull last night. Who would’ve imagined that Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon would have been eliminated when he was?

We’re still surprised that it went down, especially given that there was a proper opportunity for Jeremiah to be saved by the judges. He’s consistently delivered solid, emotional performances, and it also felt like he was a memorable personality and it was easy for audiences to get behind him with his background and his story. Maybe we over-estimated the value of his story, or maybe this is just a case of viewers getting complacent and believing that he was safe. Meanwhile, Wade Cota supporters, realizing the amount of danger that he was in the prior week, decided to both vote and vote hard to keep him around.

It’s hard to calculate the reasons for Jeremiah’s elimination since there always seems to be something like this on every American Idol season — a possible favorite who is sent home far too soon. At least Harmon himself’s in good spirits about it. In a new post on Twitter following the show, the singer posted “your value is never up for a vote,” meaning that regardless of what happened last night, he will move forward and he will be fine, which we certainly believe that he will be. When you’re a talent like him, you’re going to find a way to continue to be successful. All you need to do is pick some of the right avenues and work to make sure that you have a platform where people can see you.

The important thing for Jeremiah is that he got to be a part of most of the season, and with the finale almost here, there’s going to be an opportunity to tribute him a little bit forward as an artist — the same goes for everyone else who has made it this far.

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One thing we’re especially confident about at present

Is this the most unpredictable season of American Idol yet? It feels like you could make that argument based on the singers who are left. Alejandro Aranda was an early favorite following his audition, but his performances in the live show have teetered on polarizing more so than anything else. Meanwhile, Wade is a bit of a surprise entry, and it could end up being between Madison VanDenburg and Laine Hardy at the end of all of this. Both seem to have devoted followings — Laine seems to be the favorite among many online, but one of the things that we’ve come to learn over the years is that just because you’re winning a lot of internet polls, that doesn’t really mean that you’re going to actually be the winner at the end of the season. That’s such a small sample size and it’s hard to take it too seriously.

If you missed it…

Be sure to head over here, given that this is where you can see some other information when it comes to the results show and what happened last night.

What do you think about Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon’s American Idol elimination, and are you still stunned that this happened the way that it did? Be sure to share now in the comments, and check back soon for some other news. (Photo: ABC.)

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