When Calls the Heart season 6 episode 4: Will Lori Loughlin be addressed?

When Calls the HeartFor the first time since the departure of Lori Loughlin, When Calls the Heart season 6 episode 4 is airing on Hallmark Channel Sunday night. With that in mind, it’s fair to expect an installment that is jam-packed with emotion … but also one that has a lot of buzz packed in. Everyone wants to know how this episode is going to shake out!

After all, there is still a lingering question in regards to this show and its future, and that relates back simply to the question of Lori Loughlin and the character of Abigail. To be specific, how do the writers choose to move her out of the show? This is a move that must be done delicately, and we should note that there’s no guarantee that it will even be mentioned tonight beyond just a passing line at some point.

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The best way to think about things is like this: At the time that Loughlin was fired, all of the scenes for season 6 were in the can. Because of that, any work done in order to replace her after the fact was done with some clever reshoots and a lot of crafting re-editing from their team. They had to find a way to move the series forward without her, which we imagine was not the easiest thing in the world for them to do (that being said a good editor can really work some magic!). We don’t foresee them going back in and filming a whole storyline where something happens to her after the fact — we’ve heard that there were reshoots in order to make the episodes work without Lori, but also that they were minor. More than likely, they were just shifting certain scenes that were already in place so that they could work without her being a major part of it.

If we were to wager a prediction here, it would be this: The producers of When Calls the Heart are going to address Abigail’s exit more outright in season 7, and will probably just sprinkle in some various hints about her being off-screen in episode 4. It’s just easier that way from a writing point of view. They may want to give the character a proper send-off, but there may not have been a way to do it in season 6 without it coming across as more of a whimper than a roar. Abigail deserves a roar, regardless of whatever you feel about Loughlin and some of the reported actions that led to her dismissal. Give the series time, and give the series some patience.

Also, don’t forget about some of the other storylines that are going to be present moving forward, whether it be a new Mountie, some exciting emotional connections, or further reminders that Hope Valley is really about hope — both now, and also in the future. We don’t think that the message or the key values for When Calls the Heart are going to be changing at any point within the near future. If you’ve enjoyed the series so far, you’ll still relish in getting back into this world once more.

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