Grey’s Anatomy season 15 spoilers: Jesse Williams teases final 2 episodes

Grey's Anatomy season 14With Grey’s Anatomy season 15 started to near an epic conclusion, you have to assume that every storyline is going to ramp up to a certain degree. That does include Jackson and Maggie, which may be a good thing given how they have not had to deal with a whole lot of attention as of late. Instead, they’ve been more relegated off to the background. We haven’t had all that many opportunities to see major stories for these characters, save for Jackson asking her to move in and, eventually, her opting to go ahead with it. There’s a foundation that has been laid, and a stage that has been set. The question that does still remain here is how the two move forward from here and if they can make a living arrangement work?

Oh, and the two are going to be camping before that (something that we’ve never felt personally is all that fun – rather sleep in a bed then on the ground). This is one of the stories that we know is coming on Thursday night’s new episode (read more about it here). They’re going to have some issues that spawn out of that, just are there are many other issues boiling over elsewhere for a number of other characters. For a little more insight all about it, just be sure to check out what Jesse Williams had to say via TV Guide:

I think we’ve bred a new level of amendment and frustration and decision making for Jackson and Maggie. It’s one thing to talk about moving in together and it’s another thing to do it, another thing to be trapped in close quarters with each other under stress. Without giving away too much, we’ll really get to see how that pressure could bust pipes. I think we also get an understanding. … I’m really excited about the Owen, Teddy, and Amelia triangle. We’ve got some really great scenes with them and that really develops. And we also have Camilla Luddington. Her role as Jo, she’s just killing it this season. I can’t say enough about how she’s taking it to another level as a performer and how the hell she handles this avalanche of emotions and disappointment and heartbreak.

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So, clearly, there are a lot of different stories happening and several of them are going to come to a head before the episodes close out this spring. Jo is the character we’re the most worried about, mostly because for now, she is stuck in a spiral and we’re not entirely sure if there is going to be a way for her to climb out of it. How can someone escape the chamber of pain that she finds herself in? She does need advice, and while talking with Meredith is a start, Meredith is not a therapist. She’s just someone who understands grief. That may help, but it may not be enough.

The Owen, Teddy, and Amelia story could have some lighter moments in it, mostly because the show’s done its best to have a little bit of fun with this most of the season. Yet, there are no guarantees that it will stay so light and airy. These are characters with heavy feelings and problems and if Teddy gives birth this season, that opens the door for all sorts of other questions about her future with either Tom or Owen. There are clearly a number of major storylines that need to be resolved, but unfortunately, only two more episodes to resolve them. Then, we’ll likely have a massive cliffhanger that will likely last until fall. While Grey’s Anatomy does not have an official renewal as of yet for a season 16, it does feel in many ways like a foregone conclusion.

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