Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 24 video: Catherine, Bailey’s big meeting

Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 6Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 24 feels like one of those episodes that you really should buckle up for — after all, this could prove itself to be devastating. We’re operating with limited resources right now, but the ones that we have feel like big signal flares suggesting that some major stuff is going down with Bailey and one Catherine Fox.

Most of the promo below for the upcoming episode is centralized on a meeting — what sort of meeting currently remains unclear, other than that it involves Catherine, Bailey, and an “insurance issue” that could prove to have sweeping ramifications. None of the other characters are in there, and for those who forget, it is true that Meredith is a part of the board. Yet, at the same time we cannot quite say that we’re shocked that she is being left out. We know some of what Meredith’s plans were on this past episode, and it’s certainly possible that the insurance issue is related to something that she did. Because of that, having her in the room for the meeting could be a conflict of interest, though we should also note here that Catherine’s foundation owns the majority of the hospital anyway. They are really the ones who can make the majority of the decisions and Meredith could be easily overruled.

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If this meeting is not related to Meredith, who else could it be? At present, it’s hard to argue against the notion that Jo is in trouble — and she has been ever since she showed up to work drunk. (She’s lucky that the bigwigs don’t need to know about that.) There is still the Gus case, however, and this is enough to cast a larger shadow over everything at the hospital. It’s enough to possibly doom her future, if she can’t climb her way out of it. We know that she is planning to clue in Meredith in some shape or form as to what is going on with her — we just hope that she does it in a way where she can start to find a sense of healing and take some steps forward. If it doesn’t happen soon, there’s a reasonable chance that Jo’s career and future could be utterly in tatters.

If you love drama, “Drawn to the Blood” Thursday should be your jam — we’re just worried that this season’s big finale shocker will be someone finding themselves unemployed. We do understand the idea of making someone lose their job, or at least inch closer to that. As viewers of this show, it’s hard to really shock up with any sort of near-death situation. However, it’s a little bit easier to do so when you’re talking about the concept of someone suddenly finding themselves out of work.

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