Station 19 episode 2 episode 16 video: Remembering Lucas Ripley

Station 19Coming into Station 19 season 2 episode 16 on ABC this coming Thursday, the emotions in the room are pretty clear — this is a painful episode of TV coming up. Granted, so was what we last saw. Even though we knew that Lucas Ripley was in trouble, we still thought that he’d be able to find his way out. There was a sweetness to the relationship that he had with Vic — they were an unlikely couple with a lot of obstacles, but they were finding a way to make things work.

It didn’t have to end like this, but as is often the case within the greater Grey’s Anatomy universe, a lot of beautiful things end badly.

Moving into episode 16, you are going to see the emotional memorial service for Ripley, and for Vic, trying to decide if she wants to go is not going to be an easy decision. She loved Ripley and trying to imagine a world without him is still so raw. It’s hard to imagine being present for it and having to face the reality of death in such a brutal way. That’s why she proclaims within the promo below that she doesn’t want to go — that she has no intention of going. Maybe some other firefighters within the station will encourage her and she will try to make the leap, but we don’t know how you can feel confident about things based on where we are right now.

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The difficult thing about grief is that it impacts everyone in different ways, and it also can hit you at different times. Vic could feel this way in one moment and then the next, decide that she wants to be there. Judging from the promo it looks like he will have a funeral worthy of one of Seattle’s most notable heroes, one complete with the right amount of honor and ceremony. He will be remembered for his contributions and the field and for the person that he was — someone who Vic cared about and loved. You will have a chance to live in some of these moments, but not for all that long given that soon afterwards, the drama will ramp up again. There’s going to be wildfire breaking out in California and it is going to be the sort of thing that carries over to the finale … and also gets a lot of the firefighters at the station involved at the same time.

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