NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 22 video: The Office alum turns up!

CubaJust in case you weren’t excited enough about Sunday night’s NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 22 already, maybe this new video will do the trick!

In the sneak peek below from Sunday’s episode, you can see Callen in Cuba looking for Anna with the help of Joelle, and in the process of their search they run across a super-charismatic guy named Lionel. He and Joelle seem to have a history, at least in that he refers to her as “JoJo” and seems to be happy to see her. He’s a novelist who is trying to create the best spy book possible … and it also just so turns out that he’s played by Oscar Nunez from The Office. Oscar is back on TV! This is certainly a different character than who he played on the NBC show, as Lionel is outgoing, gregarious, and seems genuinely happy to be alive. Oscar, meanwhile, was frustrated and restrained for a good bit of his time in Dunder-Mifflin.

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Ultimately, this role is perfect in some ways for Nunez given that he was actually born in Cuba. He’s also been very busy in the time since The Office ending, appearing on shows like People of Earth, 9-1-1, and the upcoming Mr. Iglesias. On NCIS: Los Angeles, it remains to be seen if he’s got a deeper role in Anna’s whereabouts than what appears clear in the sneak preview. In this scene, we’d argue that he is rather disinterested in helping Joelle out, and more interested in just having a drink and relaxing to his heart’s content. He loves a good mojito, but is not altogether helpful — he claims that he hasn’t seen Anna, but will almost certainly ask around.

Throughout this episode, you are going to see a search for Bar Paly’s character that (big shocker) is going to turn violent, with Callen eventually finding himself in a stand-off that could turn violent. He will have to make some rather difficult choices throughout, and on the other side, we mostly just wonder if Anna is going to be around at all. We recognized that she would probably not stay in prison forever, but we cannot quite say that this is how we projected her story coming to a close, either. How do you bring her back to America after this? It could be one of those situations in which she is allowed back into the country, but only if there is a really good reason for why she caused as much chaos as she did in the first place.

You’ll have a chance to see this episode play out in full tomorrow night, but remember that the episode is actually airing at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time, no matter what the graphic at the end of the preview says. The network is making you wait a little while longer in order to see it.

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