Lucifer season 4 key art is here — and it’s pretty awesome

LuciferWith us in the home stretch of Lucifer season 4 — at least the period before it’s available to stream — the fine folks at Netflix are delivering the goods. Think all of the goods. To be specific, think in terms of the official key art today.

You can check out the poster for the new season below and ultimately, there’s really just one way to describe it: Fantastic. It’s great and perfectly-represented in all of the ways that you would want.

The context – The timing of this key art is no coincidence. It’s coming after the conclusion of the season 3 finale, where Chloe Decker (Lauren German) saw the Devil Face of one Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), confirming further that all of those proclamations that he is the devil aren’t just some funny quips. They’re the truth. The tagline of “there’s no hiding” is another reminder that Lucifer can’t keep the metaphorical toothpaste within the tube anymore — it’s going to be out everywhere and he’s going to have to contend with it, even if it’s not the easiest thing in the world for him to do.

Chloe Decker – Only one of her eyes is covered, which perfectly represents how even if Lucifer wants to shield her from the truth, he can’t. Meanwhile, Chloe also knows that she can’t be. Even if he tried, she would more than likely refuse. Her left eye (from her perspective) is wide open, presumably looking up towards the heavens, almost asking for some sort of answer to come down and greet her. Meanwhile, her mouth is slightly agape, almost as though she is still reeling from shock, hoping for something or someone to give her a better sense of understanding. She’s still trying to make sense of a world that is different and a secret that is stunning.

Lucifer Morningstar – Clearly, he does not want to leave Chloe’s side. Her attention is not on him, but all of his attention is on her. He is close to her, and looking at her lovingly. His left hand (once again, his perspective) is holding back her hair, almost straight out of a classic romance. However, that right hand is still trying to enforce the smallest bit of secrecy. There’s an air of admiration here, but you could almost argue that he is whispering either sweet nothings or being a physical form of the devil on her shoulder. There is love here, but also echoes of temptation. It’s an image that is Biblical in that way.

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Consider this image one that says a great deal, both in terms of character, story themes, and also the larger presence of Lucifer as a figure in literature and lore. Now, you just gotta wait a handful of days to see what the writers are bringing to us this time around.

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What are you the most excited to see when it comes to Lucifer season 4, at least based on the new trailer? Be sure to share your thoughts on the matter below, and remember to check back soon for some other news. (Photo: Netflix.)


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