Is Brett Tucker leaving Station 19, and is Lucas Ripley dead?

Station 19On tonight’s Station 19 episode, we were forced to stare at one question straight in the eye: Is Lucas Ripley dead? Or, another way to put it: Is Brett Tucker leaving the show?

We’ll admit that when the character was first admitted to the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital at the start of the crossover, we were actually hopeful. We thought that there was still going to be a way for him to get through and with that, start to feel better on the other side. Yet, things started to go from bad to worse. After he originally fled from the hospital, the poison continued to spread through his body. Ripley’s established himself as a fire chief, someone who spent so much of his time as a leader, a hero, and someone who almost everyone looked up to within the department. He’s the sort of guy you would want to think was invincible.

Ultimately, this is why Vic thought that he stood her up, and that he didn’t want to marry her to ensure that she could keep her job and have her at the same time.

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As we started to approach the end of the episode, the questions seemingly started to fade as to whether or not Ripley was going to die — mostly because it felt certain. It didn’t seem as though there was going to be a way for him to get out of this, per at least the information that Maggie Pierce was handing down to the team. Remember that she is a super-doctor, the sort of person who would do anything in her power to help. If she’s saying there’s no reason to have hope, it’s probably for a reason.

As first, Vic was nervous to see him, mostly because she wasn’t ready to either deal with that or address the possibility that he could be gone. Yet, she was able to arrive prior to him passing away — they officially were engaged, and she spent the final few minutes of his life by his side. It’s all over now: Lucas is gone. He wanted to die on his own terms, without having to worry about what exactly was going on with a DNR or the like.

After Lucas died, Vic wasn’t looking for consolation or anything — she just walked through the hallway and was gone. Later on, she had an opportunity to meet with Sullivan where she said that he deserved everything in the world for his funeral — that was clearly how much that she respected him, and clearly, she was not going to let him go.

This episode was heartbreaking, tear-inducing, and a chance to explore the depths of Vic’s soul as she progressed through the five stages of grief. Within this episode, she went from thinking that he wasn’t interested in her anymore to knowing that the man she loved, and the man she wanted to marry, was gone. She’s got her firefighter family, still, and that will be what carries her through.

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