Grey’s Anatomy ‘ship watch: The state of Jolex, MerLuca, Jaggie, & more

Grey's Anatomy season 14Mrs. Carter: As the Grey’s Anatomy season 15 finale ends, what is the state of some of your favorite ‘ships?

Since there are SO many different romances going on with this show, it feels appropriate to touch on some of them here! It’s hard to even fit them all in, but consider this your resource for predictions, where people are now, and also where they are going to be going both either at the end of this season or in season 16.

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Meredith and DeLuca – Right now, they’re happy and doing well and there’s little reason to think that this will change. While there will eventually probably be a few massive wrenches thrown in their way, what I’ve seen with a lot of Grey’s Anatomy relationships is that you get almost a grace period where things go quite swimmingly before they eventually come to a head in some terrible way. That still could happen, but I’m considering it more a season 16 story, if the show gets renewed.

Jackson and Maggie – First and foremost, they should really just ask for more screen time. Jackson appears to be ready to move towards a larger commitment from Maggie, but we have to wait and see if she feels entirely the same. They’re probably on decent footing, but there’s still enough time at the end of the season to cause a little chaos. They’ve been good for a bit and because they’re not a new couple at this point, the series may opt to shake things up a little bit.

Levi and Nico – They’re in their rough patch right now, and it was inevitable because they are not only a new relationship, but it’s two people who have very different histories in dating. Levi is still finding himself, but ironically, he’s probably going to be thrown into a position where he needs to be the strong, stable one as Nico struggles. If he can fill that role, they should make it out of the season in one piece.

Amelia and Link – as of right now, it’s easy to assume that this is the relationship that will end just because Amelia never really gets this lucky, and despite what happened with Amelia’s family, things have been reasonably easy for her and Link. There’s also still Owen in the picture, and one thing we know about Owen is that he always can make things messy.

Teddy and Koracick – If Amelia and Link stay together, you can make the argument that Teddy and Koracick are in big trouble and Owen will try to be with her again. The easiest case you can argue for Koracick and Teddy’s split is that it’s an easy way to write Tom out of the show (Greg Germann is not a series regular); I just hope that no matter what happens, Koracic sticks around since his character brings SO much energy to this show at all times.

Jo and Alex – Is it weird to say that they’re the couple I’m most worried about, but I also don’t expect them to split up? They’re obviously in a terrible spot right now, but given that they just got married last year and there could still be a light at the end of the tunnel, I have faith. Even if there is some big, emotional cliffhanger for the two of them, there is reason to think that come season 16, they will find a way to work things out.

Ben and Bailey – They’re not on the same show all the time, but provided Ben doesn’t have something terrible happen to him on Station 19, they should be fine.

Webber and Catherine – Despite all they’ve gone through, even this year, don’t they still feel like one of the more stable relationships out there?

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