Crime Dynamic Duos 2019: Suits’ Donna & Harvey are the winners!

Dynamic DuosOver the past month, we’ve been relishing and celebrating some of the best pairings in all TV with the 2019 edition of Crime Dynamic Duos. Suffice it to say, we’ve had a lot of fun with it! Crime-fighting on television has clearly evolved, and it’s not just about now those who do it in a little bit more of a literal sense. Instead, it’s about those who are problem-solvers, those who hunt down adversaries without a badge, and also those who curtail bad people by any means necessarily — sometimes, that’s in a court of law, and other times, it’s with a settlement.

This is where this year’s winners come into play. Donna & Harvey of Suits entered this tournament as underdogs. They weren’t the traditional mold for who we have in the Crime Dynamic Duos tournament — they are two characters who fight, for the most part, from within a law firm. They aren’t out arrested people or getting into shootouts with bad guys. Yet, what they do has proven itself, time and time again, to be valuable. They’ve taken down all sorts of sleazy “powerhouses” in New York City, working effectively as Batman and … yep, Batman. Don’t get that twisted.

One of the things that makes Harvey & Donna as effectively as they are is that they have almost an unspoken community, a way in which to delegate and know what the other needs at any given moment. Without Harvey’s confrontations and legal know-how, they’d be sunk. However, without Donna’s creativity or preparation, Harvey would sputter out before he starts. They’re the perfect pair within this world just because they approach things so differently. They aren’t in lockstep with their thinking, but they are with their results. That’s what matters the most and that’s why they’ve been so effective to watch all of these years.

Harvey & Donna faced a solid challenge right out of the gate in this tournament in Bishop & Torres of NCIS, but they were able to effectively take them on before bouncing over to some other competition — think along the lines here of Wynonna & Nicole from Wynonna Earp, Sam & Callen from NCIS: Los Angeles, and eventually Jane & Weller of Blindspot in the finale. With more than 10,000 votes, the two did more than enough to secure their first-ever Dynamic Duos victory!

Congrats to Donna & Harvey, Sarah Rafferty & Gabriel Macht, and of course everyone who voted for the two of them throughout the past month. Based on where season 8 ended for these two characters romantically, we’ve got a good feeling that things are only going to get more exciting from here. We’ve seen how they’ve functioned as colleagues and as legal superheroes, but how do they function in a relationship? That could alter everything — hopefully for the better.

For more news all about Suits and the final season, be sure to visit the link here right away.

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