Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 11 rankings: Who’s now on top?

Edge of ExtinctionWith Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 11 coming up on Wednesday, and with us only being a few episodes from the end of the season, everything is heating up. We’ve got seven people left plus whoever returns from the Edge of Extinction, not that we think this person has all that much of a chance of winning just because of the fact they’ll be voted off right again.

So without further, check out what we’ve got to say below plus the full extent of our criteria — strategy, social game, challenge threat, and whether or not they’ve had the screen time or the story indicative of a winner.

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7. Aurora McCreary – It’s just to imagine what the path is for her to win at the moment, given that she seems to be the person who almost always is voted off, mostly because she’s the person who almost everyone can agree on. We think that she could make it to the end, but winning? That’s another question right now.

6. Rick Devens – On the flip side, Rick is probably the most likely person left to win if he makes it there … but we don’t know how he makes it there unless he just wins out the rest of the way. We don’t think that he is THAT big of a physical threat, even if he’s won two challenges in a row and also came back from the Edge of Extinction. If he gets voted out, is he really going to beat Joe Anglim back into the competition?

5. Julie Rosenberg – She has been involved in some recent decisions and that helps her, but it does feel like her contributions are being overshadowed by Ron. We’re not really getting the sort of edit from her where she is this big, enormous contender to win at the end of the season.

4. Ron Clark – It’s hard to put him too much higher given that if Rick ends up being voted off, he suddenly becomes one of the biggest threats in the game. That’s why, while we understand the move to eliminate Wardog from the game, it could come back to bite him, as well.

3. Lauren O’Connell – Lauren’s done a particularly good job of showing up well at Tribal Council — it seems like Kelley, in particular, was willing to credit her for the big move that was made against Wardog. She’s got an immunity idol, as well, and that should also help her stick around for at least one more vote. We’d be wary of a blindside soon since she and Devens are the only Lesu people left, but she should be fine for another vote or two.

2. Gavin Whitson – Gavin’s really done a good job as of late getting what he wants — he pushed hard for getting rid of David Wright, and it seems like he’s reasonably influential with a lot of people. He also has good bonds with Lesu and we have to think that this means something in terms of the jury.

1. Victoria Baamonde – This could be one of those seasons where the winner is someone who just gets a big spike of visibility close to the finale. Victoria has voted correctly at every single “normal” Tribal Council this season. that means a lot to us in a game with changing alliances that everyone wants her to be constantly in the know and she is always a part of a plan.

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