NCIS season 16: Three possible cliffhangers, from Gibbs to Ziva to McGee

NCISThe NCIS season 16 finale is now less than a month away. With that in mind, it does feel like the timing is 100% perfect to start sending some theories into overdrive. There’s a lot of big stuff to think about in terms of possible stories … and also cliffhangers that could lead to some jaws hanging on the floor.

For the sake of this article, the question that we’re going to raise is fundamentally one that is quite simple: What are some of the best, most-feasible cliffhangers based on where we are in the story right now? What are some of the ones that would best get some viewers of the show talking? Within the span of this article, we come bearing three different suggestions! Consider these a fun way to get the wheels turning.

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Gibbs steps away from the team – While we don’t exactly think that the odds are that high that something like this would happen and then stick, it’s also certainly not something that we’re keen to rule out as a short-term possibility. Think about what we know in terms of the finale right now, starting with the fact that Fornell’s daughter Emily is in danger and Gibbs may be doing everything that he could in order to help get justice for his friend. We’s already cast Rule 10 aside; could he end up breaking so many other rules that the entire book is completely out the window now? That’s just something to be considered for the time being.

Ziva returns – This is certainly #1 on the list of cliffhangers everyone wants, mostly because we’ve been building up something important happening here and we’ve got a hard time thinking that the writers would put this much effort into a story and not present a new angle to it at this particular point. Yet, there’s been no evidence of a Cote de Pablo return and this may be a situation where if anything, NCIS sets up that she could return next season. We feel like we’ll at least get at least one more tease on this storyline before the end of the season, but it may not be as substantial as anyone wants. Gibbs destroying a rule following the events of “She” may have been more to set up whatever he decides to do with Ziva.

McGee debates taking a new job – Creating a cliffhanger revolving around Sean Murray’s future with the show could prove to be a compelling one, given that it would lead to viewers sitting around and pondering whether or not a long-term member of the family is saying farewell. We understand the value of creating this sort of mystery, but given that there’s no news out there about Murray leaving the show just yet, this could just be a storyline for Tuesday’s new episode “Judge, Jury…,” one that is resolved by the time we get to the closing minutes of it. For the time being, though, it’s really hard to think of another sensible cliffhanger that could be done for another character unless it is A) the aforementioned Gibbs one or B) someone’s life is put on the line.

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