NCIS season 16 episode 21 photo: Is McGee seriously considering this job?

NCISThere’s been a lot going on within the greater NCIS universe, but we don’t want to lose sight on season 16 episode 21 airing this Tuesday. After all, “Judge, Jury…” is looking to be an important foundational episode that sets the stage for an epic conclusion on the next episode — which, fittingly, is titled “…And Executioner.” This is the story about a cold case, a technicality, a difficult courtroom battle, and ultimately, a larger conspiracy. One way or another, everything that you see within these episodes could lead towards a secret government bank account, one that was discussed on the show not that long ago.

Beyond all of this, though, there is another story worth talking about, one that is relating mostly to Sean Murray and his character of McGee. We know that Tim is perhaps being more proactive thinking about his future than perhaps, he’s ever been before … mostly because he has to be. His family has grown now and he understands that raising kids (especially in a place like Washington DC) is beyond costly. If you can’t make it work there, you have to find a way to make it work somewhere else … and that is one of the biggest plot-points of this episode for him.

The photo above features McGee visiting a spot in Silicon Valley, a place that may be offering him a chance to move forward in his career. Like most other Silicon Valley jobs, this is probably going to be both incredibly ambitious and also high-paying — basically, a great way to ensure that on the other side of this, you’ve got a way to actually survive living in the Bay Area. (It’s basically the Washington DC of the West Coat in terms of real estate.)

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We think that McGee is going to be offered something that’s going to give him pause and the fact that he’s actually out there tells us that he’s more then just a little interested in what they have to say to him. Really though we are wondering is this is going to be enough money to uproot his entire family and move them leaving behind his job and friends. Starting again somewhere new is difficult when you don’t have a family or friend support base – we know this from our own personal experience when we picked up from Canada and moved to California. It really has to be worth the move to basically start again, but with a bit more money in your pocket. Can’t Vance just give him a raise and have him stay put? He’s more then earned it over the years.

We don’t see Sean Murray leaving the show at this stage, especially for a reason as simple as McGee opting to just move away and take a new job. Is McGee really going to end his run with this team for this? It’s certainly not the way we thought McGee would leave this team – more so we just never thought that he would leave this team and he’d be a part of this crew to the end. Still, anything is possible, and we can’t say that it’s not possible that he’s going to take this job and that it’s bye bye McGee. It’s not exactly like NCIS as a series is totally devoid of characters deciding to move on to some other parts of their career…

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