NCIS season 16 debate: Does Gibbs know about Ziva?

Mark Harmon

With the NCIS season 16 finale closing in, we’re back to discuss Gibbs — but in a slightly different context than what’s been teased recently.

What we had announced recently was that in the penultimate episode of season 16, you’re going to see Gibbs seemingly become overwhelmed and do something that he rarely ever does — walk away from a crime scene. This is a man who has been wrestling with a lot lately, in between learning the truth about his former fiancée’s death and then also changing his mind in regard to some of his classic rules. One of the reasons for said rule change stems back from Bishop being so personally invested in the case at the heart of “She” — an episode that conjured up memories of one Ziva David. We learned that she was alive, and since that time we’ve had one question routinely reverberating in our mind: When are some other characters going to learn the truth? When is the news going to officially come out on this subject within the world of the show, because as of right now the show has only let us know that Bishop is the only person that knows Ziva is alive.

In this specific context, let’s talk about Bishop and Gibbs. It all comes back to a recent conversation within the episode “Perennial,” one where Bishop tried to subtly hint to him that if he knew, he should tell her. Gibbs acted in that moment like he didn’t know what she was talking about, but we have to feel like, on some level, that this conversation stuck with him. The Gibbs that we know would remember this conversation and, in his downtime, take a break from his boat building to ask some more questions or do a little bit more digging … unless he already knows. Yet, if he does, why aren’t we seeing that?

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NCIS does have some questions to answer in regards to this storyline, most notably why Gibbs isn’t following up on Bishop’s question … or, if Gibbs knows that Ziva could be alive, why he isn’t making much of an active effort in order to track her down? There’s respecting her privacy sure, but it’s a different situation when the majority of people thinks that you could be dead. That’s something that is worth a longer look and something that NCIS desperately needs to take on.

What we’ve long known about Gibbs is this — he’s a man who is constantly in the know. If he doesn’t know something now, he’s going to do what he can in order to make sure he knows in the near future. Maybe he has some other things on his plate (and there really has been a lot piled on him these past few episodes), but if the writers want to do right by this character, that conversation with Bishop is something that must be revisited – and it needs to happen soon.

Do we think that Gibbs actually knows about this secret already?

In our mind, probably not. If he had, we would’ve seen something play out about it by now. It’s possible he investigated Ziva’s death back after it happened but because he couldn’t find any evidence that she was alive, he finally opted to leave it alone. We just think that now, given the small tease from Bishop about some sort of secret, he’s going to circle back to this and start digging. Gibbs isn’t the sort to leave something like this alone, and we certainly are not as viewers either. One way or another, this has to come back.

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