NCIS season 16 episode 21 promo: Is a guilty man going free?

NCISWhile NCIS season 16 episode 21 will contain many of the same crime-procedural elements that you have come to expect and love about this show, there is also a certain part of this that may feel like JAG. After all, a good percentage of “Judge, Jury…” is fittingly set within the confines of a courtroom!

As the promo for this episode reveals (we have that for you to watch below), you’re going to see the NCIS team tasked with trying to resolve a court case, while simultaneously working to ensure that a guilty man does not have an opportunity to roam free and completely invalidate so much of their hard work. As for how this happens, it may be all due to a legal loophole. For every agent involved in this case, the idea of a terrible criminal not getting put away is not going to stand. That is the premise for this episode, and as it goes along, it is going to be tied more and more into government conspiracy and a larger, more complicated picture than what anyone on the surface would ever assume.

If you’re wondering how far this conspiracy could go, think of things this way: It could be tied into the larger plot with the mysterious government bank account holding a crazy amount of cash, Wynn Crawford, and multiple branches of law enforcement. This will eventually be the focus of part 2 of this story, entitled “…And Executioner” even though it’s not directly referenced within the promo here. They’re keeping it simple, and they kind of have to since we’re talking here about a 20-second, out-of-context preview for a show that does have a reasonably casual viewership to go along with a lot of the diehards that are checking it out. It can sometimes be hard to balance all of that out in a promo.

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As for what else is coming within this episode…

You’re probably seeing some rather unusual images within the promo of McGee sporting a non-NCIS outfit, and hanging around an area that feels high-tech and not the government-budget place we tend to find him in over in Washington DC. After you watch this, it should be abundantly clear that we’re in a spot that is not Washington DC. Tim is in Silicon Valley in at least part of this episode, seeing about a prospective job opening that could fundamentally change his and Delilah’s life (and all of our lives!). It’s easy to be happy for McGee when you hear this since he is a character that we’ve all become so involved with over the years and we all want to see him happy … and then you remember that if he takes this job he’s not going to be a part of NCIS anymore. It’s really hard to root for someone to not take a job that could really better their lives, so instead, you almost have to hope that this job isn’t what it’s cracked up to be on the surface and because of that, there are some darker edges that will leave him downtrodden and disappointed … it’s either that or he gets at least enough of a raise at NCIS so that working there continues to be viable.

We’ve already discussed at length that our sentiment that Sean Murray will not be leaving the show … but a storyline like this is going to make you nervous. It’s bound to. They want it to.

Want some more news from later this season?

If you visit this link, you can get a larger sense of what’s coming on the upcoming episode “Lost Time,” one in which Gibbs could unravel in a larger way than any that we’ve seen from him so far.

Also, let us know in the comments some of what you want to see when it comes to NCIS season 16 episode 21! (Photo: NBC.)

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