Is The Rookie new tonight on ABC? What we’re waiting for

Is The Rookie new tonight on ABC? Within this article, we’re taking on that subject — but also still a whole lot more when it comes to the Nathan Fillion series!

Let’s start, unfortunately, with the news that the show is not back on the air tonight. It’s done for the season. The closing scene of Bradford fainting is going to be the horrible cliffhanger that we’re forced to deal with over the next several months — it’s certainly not the sort of thing that we like to deal with, but it’s awfully clear at the moment that we’re stuck with it regardless.

What’s even worse here is that technically, we may be waiting for something that never comes. At the moment, there is no 100% confirmation that The Rookie is going to be back for another batch of episodes. We remain hopeful that there’s a chance we are going to see it happen, but we also know that hope does not equal certainty by any means.

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For the time being, we’re mostly in a holding pattern — the only thing you can really do to help save the show now is continue talking/tweeting about it, or maybe checking out the show via DVR or on ABC’s website. do something that helps to make the series a little bit of extra money, and that will help to ensure that a season 2 gets made. ABC is probably going to make a firm decision at some point by around the middle of May (i.e. the time of upfronts), but we’re going to be stuck around until then getting the confirmation that it’s for sure a go.

What should we see when The Rookie confirms?

Obviously, the primary order of business is learning whether or not Bradford can be saved — given that this show already lost one major character in season 1, we don’t think that it’s altogether prudent for the producers to kill off another. Maybe they feel differently, but that’s just our take on it.

From there, take the cops on a little bit of a time jump and prepare them for their second year on the force. While the title may still be The Rookie, they shouldn’t be treated the same way that they were before. They’ve got a little bit more experience under their belt, and maybe they are thinking a little bit more because of that in terms of what they would like to do moving into the future. In a few years, we imagine that the show could look very different if these characters follow a trajectory that many cops do … but we probably shouldn’t be thinking right now in terms of what could happen years down the road. Better to look at things one season at a time.

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