Is Eric Winter leaving The Rookie, and is Tim Bradford dead? (Finale)

From the start of Tuesday night’s The Rookie finale, it felt crystal-clear that some of these cops were going to be in a tight spot. The entire city of Los Angeles was after a new arrival from a bus trip into the city could have been a career for a deadly disease. Basically, there was a threat of bio-terrorism coursing through all of the city.

For most of this episode, we saw Nolan and the rest of the cops try to do what they could to stop the situation from escalating — even though it was also pretty clear that they were all collectively in over their head dealing with something like this.

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For some, they were forced to also witness their life on the line. That’s what happened to Bradford tonight, as he had to find himself locked away after it was suspected that he may have contracted the illness. There were two people who the PD was looking to track down through this investigation. By the end of the episode, both of the people responsible ended up being gunned down — though it’s more how Nolan’s perp died, being gunned down by Russo after they tried to get the guilty party to surrender. Did she need to do that? Nolan refused to let go of how he died at the end of the episode, and that’s why he tried to talk about it to Bishop at the end of the episode. She encouraged him to let things go, at least for now, rather than acting quickly that very night. He didn’t want to do something to put his career at risk … right? Something at least to think about.

Oh, and the good news here is that Bradford survived … at least the initial incident. There’s something more, and something worse, coming soon.

Was there some sort of cliffhanger at the end of the episode?

We certainly found ourselves wondering that for most of the episode … and then we saw Bradford collapse before being carried off to the CDC. After everything we went through with this guy tonight, including him threatening to take his own life if the going got a little bit too tough, this is how it ends for him? The good news is that this shouldn’t be seen as 100% confirmation that Eric Winter is leaving the show, given that The Rookie didn’t exactly bury him in the ground.

Consider this more a classic TV cliffhanger — you should be worried, but there’s still hope. Alas, nobody’s going to give you answers for quite some time.

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