The Flash season 5 episode 19 video: Is the Negative Speed Force real?

Flash -Cue all of the gifs of Michael Scott storming out of his office screaming “it’s happening!” — we’re finally going there when it comes to The Flash season 5 episode 19.

We’ve been waiting for a long time for this show to really go somewhere with the Negative Speed Force but now, we’re here. It’s been a theoretical, speculative concept within the show, something that has existed mostly within fan theories to showcase why Eobard Thawne is able to continuously do some of what he does. It allows him to travel through time undetected, to pave his own path and also to utilize a wide array of powers that exist within his arsenal.

Now, it exists potentially as the only path to get Nora back to her father. At first, this is exciting — but you also have to wonder precisely what this will do to her. Remember that the Negative Speed Force was created out of Thawne’s rage. He wanted nothing more at one point than admiration, to be like Barry Allen; when he couldn’t find that, it turned more towards jealousy, anger, and pain. Nora is feeling a tremendous sense of hurt and loss right now, thinking that her father never wants to see her again after she lied about her interactions with his sworn enemy. The point Barry made at the end of season 5 episode 18 is the one that reverberates the loudest — if Nora truly felt so terrible about her deception, why did she keep going back? Why didn’t she find a different way to handle the situation?

In the end, Nora was naïve. She was also corrupted and looking for someone to be her guide. She found that in part in Eobard, though clearly she did not find it in the right way. Instead, she found it in a way that involves deception. He may not have told her about the Negative Speed Force initially, but maybe he knew it would always arrive at this point. If he could get Nora into his own version of the Speed Force, that could allow him to corrupt her mind. Then, maybe he could find a way to escape his current prison and inflict all sorts of harm on Barry once more. We already know that the actions of this season have caused other hiccups to the timeline, including a moving forward of Crisis On Infinite Earths. How much of this was Eobard’s own doing? Was this all a part of a greater plan?

We understand fully that this is an article stuffed full of questions and with very few answers, but this is precisely what the idea of the Negative Speed Force within The Flash does to us. It fills in some much-needed cracks within the story and better showcases how Thawne is able to do what he does. It also sets up an endgame for this season that could involve Barry versus his own daughter, and that is without even through the presence of Cicada in there. That’s still a villain that the writers need to revisit at some point down the line.

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What do you think is going to be coming in regards to Nora on The Flash season 5 episode 19? Do you think the Negative Speed Force will have a corrupting influence? Share in the comments. (Photo: The CW.)

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