The Enemy Within episode 9 review: Shepherd’s CIA reunion

The Enemy Within

Tonight’s The Enemy Within episode 9 was entitled “Homecoming,” and that does make a little bit of sense when you consider the story. We’ve got Erica Shepherd starting to gravitate a little bit closer to the CIA, and with that, she came back to Langley tonight in order to help take down a fugitive — an operative of Tal’s that escaped CIA custody.

What the team ended up finding tonight in Carla was a woman who not only had a close relationship with Tal, but someone who may have spent more time with him than just about anyone. She wasn’t the most willing person to cooperate, but what we did get a reminder here of the difficult partnership that exists between Shepherd and Keaton. The work that the two of them are doing is good work, and with every episode, we get a sense that the writers are inching ever closer to finding the Big Bad.

Yet, herein lies the problem — tracking down Tal is not easy even with an operative in custody, and we got a better sense tonight of precisely the emotional toll that it’s taking on Keaton. The people in his life are continuing to show hesitancy that he is doing anything with Shepherd, as they really should, all things considered. This is not the sort of person who any sane individual wants to be seen with given her reputation — and what she did to the person who he loved the most.

Yet, he needs to keep pushing forward and fighting the good fight, even though there’s no guarantee that there will be a victory at the end of all of this. We think that moving forward, the real key for the show’s two leads is to try and find a way to get some more dirt on the CIA, who, as it turns out, have a whole lot more information when it comes to Tal than they have let on. What they’re using it for, and how it will come out, are just two of the important questions we’re still waiting to get some answers on.

CarterMatt Verdict

What The Enemy Within is doing a great job at within these 13 episodes is making sure you get at least some sense of who Keaton and Shepherd are. You’re seeing the two form a closer relationship but, in the process of that, you’re also still continuing to see Shepherd move between the FBI and Tal’s inner circle. Her morality within all of this is where one of the biggest mysteries at the heart of this show lies — we do think that you can continue to have her tow the line for the remainder of this season, but once you get around to the finale, we feel like that is more of an opportune time for answers.

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