The Enemy Within episode 10 preview: The CIA’s secrets in ‘Chigorin’

The Enemy Within

Want to know what’s coming up on The Enemy Within episode 10? Next week’s new episode, entitled “Chigorin,” could bring the tensions between the FBI and CIA to new heights. We already know that Shepherd is working to do a little bit of clandestine spy work here to unravel some secrets, and this is something that we anticipate is going to continue to showcase itself in some big ways through the remainder of this season. How much the CIA knows about Tal is essential to stopping him … but so is also trying to figure out where Erica is going to stand when the dust clears. There are still questions aplenty about all of this.

Beyond that, though, be prepared to also see within this upcoming episode a more personal look at what’s coming with Shepherd’s ex-husband as we see him come to a pretty significant discovery.

For some more news all about what you can see next, CarterMatt has the official The Enemy Within episode 10 synopsis below:

04/29/2019 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Monday) : When a group of contractors working for the CIA are murdered on board their chartered plane, Keaton and his team discover there are secrets the CIA is keeping from the FBI regarding Tal. Shepherd’s ex-husband (guest star Noah Bean) finds out that Hannah has been lying to him and visiting Shepherd regularly. TV-14 V

For those wondering what the title is a reference to, the Chigorin Defense is a classic chess opening salvo, one named after Russian Chessmaster Mikhail Chigorin. Obviously, the analogy between a great chess game and what’s going on with this show at the moment is an apt one — we’re getting a chance to witness here a story that is largely about varying degrees of strategy. It’s about making the right move at the right time, and then seeing in the aftermath of this what other sort of moves are going to be coming up. We’re excited to dive into whatever is coming here, especially since we got a feeling that we are, by no means, anywhere close to getting closure on some of these stories. There are, more than likely, a few more surprises that we’re going to have a chance to check out within the final stretch of episodes.

At the very least, we know that there are four more episodes of The Enemy Within this season that we’re getting the chance to check out. The future fate of the show beyond that is a little bit ambiguous, but we remain hopeful that there’s going to be some cool opportunities to check the ebbs and flows of the story out moving forward.

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