Supernatural season 14 finale video: Could someone kill Jack?

Supernatural season 13 posterAs we approach the Supernatural season 14 finale, there is a sense of death in the air … and there is a feeling of rage in the ground. There’s a battlefield that looks almost like any other field and there is Dean Winchester with a gun. He’s seen the turn of Jack, he’s tried to contain it, and he may be at a point where he’s had enough.

For us as viewers now, we’re entering this final chapter with hair standing on end and a pit in our stomach. we understand that Jack isn’t a foundational character for this show and because of that, there may not be as pressing a need to have him in the final season as we’ve got with Sam, Dean, or Castiel. Yet, some things aren’t changing, and that includes our feeling that there may be a shred of good left in this character. Jack’s someone who really doesn’t understand still the way of the world. His strength and his mind are evolving past his heart, but some are starting to lose some faith.

For Dean, he may find himself in “Moriah” trying to answer this all-important question: Is there enough of a reason to think that Jack can be saved? Or, am I now in the position where I need to evolve into a Winchester vigilante and take this guy out? Or, even if Dean does that, is there any guarantee that it sticks? Could there be some outside inference from a higher power?

Go back to the title for a moment here — Moriah is a Biblical reference, and you can’t just say “well, there are angels at the heart of the story so it makes a good bit of sense.” There are angels throughout most episodes of Supernatural these days, so it remains our feeling that there is something more powerful lurking underneath the surface, something that needs a little bit of attention and speculation. Maybe that could be a return for Chuck, obviously a God who really needs no introduction. Or, maybe The Empty finds a way to rear its head within this episode.

(Is it just us, or is The Empty really one of the most terrifying existences within the entire Supernatural world? Think about it — it’s a void of nothingness and a feeling of aloneness. There’s nothing more terrifying than being stuck in the middle of nowhere screaming into silence. That’s all we can think about anytime that it is brought up.)

This is the penultimate finale for the show and the last season finale — the next time we’re here, it is going to be for the big series finale. The idea of this still terrifies us — maybe not as much as the idea of Empty, but it’s a feeling of terror nonetheless. It is a chill that is sending various shocks down our spine.

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