Lucifer season 4 photo: The latest look at Lucifer & Chloe

LuciferThis has been a tremendous week for Lucifer season 4 — what other adjectives can you really use in order to describe it? We’ve just learned the premiere date (May 8), and we’ve also gotten a chance to see a new, Lucifer-centric teaser. We have also discussed a couple of the photos officially released for the new season … so why not look at one more?

With that, we present to you today the first official look at Chloe Decker as a part of the Lucifer season 4 world. The image above gives you a brief glimpse of Tom Ellis and Lauren German at work, at the very least tolerating one another’s company. Maybe it’s something more than that; Chloe does have a look in her eyes that suggests that she’s intrigued by whatever the Devil is doing. It’s the fact that he is the Devil that makes this dynamic so interesting now in the first place! Lucifer’s obviously always known that this is who he is, but Chloe’s in the process right now of playing catch-up and trying to come to terms with what she actually believes now to be the case. She’s someone who’s had a very particular view of the world for the better part of her entire life and now, so much of that is being flipped around on its head. She has to live in a world full of angels and devils, but at least it’s not stunning her to the point of her being unable to go to work.

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The important thing that we’d tell Chloe to remember is that these beings have been a part of the world for years now, and it should be reasonably clear that they are not out to hurt her. Lucifer may be the devil, but he clearly has an affection towards her and also seems to be quite adept at solving crimes throughout the city of Los Angeles. Knowing the truth may be a burden, but it doesn’t fundamentally change anyone around her. It’s not like these characters were faking their personalities; they were just omitting one key part of who they are.

For Chloe, we imagine that season 4 will be a season of discovery, and then also a season of identity where she understands that these secrets do not make these people; she already does know them. She also may not have that much time to really think about all of their secrets anyway, given the fact that for most of season 4, there are other pressing matters in the world to deal with — think in terms of Eve’s presence in the world or whatever the mystery agenda is for one Father Kenley.

What do you think about this latest Lucifer season 4 photo, and does it generate any further excitement for you in what’s coming up next? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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