Lucifer season 4 photos: New look at Tom Ellis, Inbar Lavi!

LuciferThe Lucifer season 4 treasure trove continues as we move ever closer to the show’s big return to the air on Wednesday, May 8. Today, we come bearing the gift of new, rather-fun photos!

Above, you’ve got one of the latest images released by Netflix leading up to the show’s launch — and it’s one of the best images to date of Tom Ellis’ Lucifer Morningstar alongside Eve, a new character played by Inbar Lavi who ironically is far from a new character when it comes to being in Lucifer’s life. In Eve, you are talking about one of the very first humans, one whose story is told via the Bible and someone who has quite the checkered past with the title Devil. Sure, the two know each other implicitly, but how much has time changed them since their early days on earth? How different are Lucifer and Eve now from who they were way back when? That’s a big part of the fun for us — working to figure all of that out, and that’s without even getting into the constantly-swirling questions revolving around how Eve impacts what’s been going on with Lucifer/Chloe, which is clearly already a mess since Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship could end up being in tatters anyway because of the whole Devil Face of it all.

Lucifer and Eve are certainly dressed to the nines here, so whatever they’re doing, it’s something fancy. Who doesn’t love seeing fancy dress in a show like this? Opulence does often equal the greatest temptation, and there is really no better way to describe Lucifer’s history than with the word “temptation” through in there.

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Then, you’ve got this photo

Sometimes, it feels like there’s a lot you have to say about a photo to describe it … and then there are times you just gotta look. This tells you virtually everything that you need to know. It’s Lucifer, throwing up one of his favorite numbers, at what we gotta presume to be an auction. It looks like the same tux that he is wearing in the other photo, so whatever he and Eve are doing, it may be tied to some sort of undercover mission where they have to appear in order to procure a certain product. It’s either that or this is some sort of rogue operation for Mr. Morningstar and he is ready to turn up the charm to 11 to get precisely what he wants.

Doesn’t the look on his eyes say a lot? This is clearly a Devil who is ready to be at the peak of his powers…

For some more scoop on Lucifer season 4…

Check out the link here if you missed the recent premiere-date teaser for the show! Also, let us know in the comments what you think about some of these new season 4 photos. (Photo: Netflix.)

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