The Orville season 2 episode 12 review: Dolly Parton would be proud


Tonight, The Orville season 2 episode 12 delivered a story that is a part of a trend — one with a powerful, heartfelt message, but also one that doesn’t compromise on its science fiction or anything else that is such an indicative part of this genre.

At the forefront of what we had tonight was a pair of Moclans who decided to board the ship harboring a big secret: A female infant, who they were claiming that they wanted to take somewhere else so that she could be raised as who she was. Bortus decided that she wanted to keep their secret, but as is often the case, Klyden had to throw cold water on everything and tell the truth to Ed and Kelly. This led to the entirety of the crew doing what they could in order to get the truth — and venturing to the couple’s desired destination.

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So where did we go tonight? Think along the lines of a specialized colony, one that is populated largely by Moclan women who were desperate to keep their secret from the rest of the universe. If the rest of the Moclan race found out about their existence, then the consequences could be extreme — let alone severe. It could lead to them being wiped out unless they made the decision to move.

This is where Ed presented an interesting alternative to the colony’s leader — apply for new status through the Council. It’s one of the only ways that they could fall under their protection. Much of the Moclan world may not like it, but what other choice do they have?

The quest for the Moclan women to get what they wanted here was epic, whether it be their leader falling in love with the music of Dolly Parton or them having to face off against a Council that found themselves conflicted. They recognized that if they let this group become a sovereign state, they ran the risk that all of Moclus would pull out of the Union and because of that, a huge supply of guns would be gone. It would be setting the stage for a conflict like no other that would lead to the Kaylon destroying everyone.

It really didn’t matter whether or not the Moclans were thinking sensibly, mostly because they weren’t. The issue remained trying to find a way for them to see that there was value in compromise, as opposed to starting a war with members of their own people or transporting them back to the homeworld for punishment. There had to be another way, even if it was another way that they were not willing to fully recognize at first.

While Kelly and the crew of the Orville had to come up with their own distraction plan of sorts, eventually Ed was able to help organize a proper treaty arrangement — though it wasn’t ideal. He was basically placed in a situation where he could help the group find an element of peace, but they couldn’t continue to run a secret network anymore. They would not get recognition from the Union, but the Moclans had to agree not to punish the women already there. It wasn’t a perfect arrangement, but a stepping stone to progress … and Dolly Parton would be proud.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was another fantastic episode of The Orville, especially in how the show managed to take on an issue that was as topical as any you’re going to find in a way that many viewers could agree on. Its poignance is its greatest strength, though having a beautiful backdrop and great music does not hurt.

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