Is Max Thieriot leaving SEAL Team, and is Clay dead?

Tonight’s SEAL Team episode started with Bravo Team finding themselves in a rather-unfortunate spot — getting themselves told off. Bravo Team is working with some local soldiers within the Philippines, and in a brief moment of goofing off, they found themselves at the mercy of one Regional Commander Shaw — a guy who clearly didn’t like the way in which they were doing things.

Unfortunately, by the end of this episode, we had a feeling that Shaw was going to be the least of their worries in Manila. We’d seen some of the previews, and we had a pretty substantial dose of fear coursing through our veins from the very start here.

Let’s go ahead and turn now to Ray, who’s been looking towards the bottle and a bar for some relief after what he’s been going through back home. He’s having a crisis of faith and rather than talking to Bravo about what he’s going through, he instead spent some time chatting with a woman from the Air Force instead. It’s good that Ray is finding a way to open up, but we’re not sure it’s right that it’s with someone outside Bravo.

We were worried about Ray the closer that he got to this woman, both in terms of the distraction from the team and also the strain that he could put on his home life if he got a little too close.

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Will Jason get a new job?

Well, an offer to leave the team in return for a hefty salary is something he’s left to think about, especially when you think a little bit about what he’s going through with Emma’s college. He doesn’t seem to have a huge interest in leaving the team … for now. We just know that things can change, and they often do within this world.

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For all of you Sonny / Davis fans out there…

Everyone in Bravo is understandably curious as to what’s going on in his personal life and why he’s not off gallivanting with dancers and having some crazy fun for himself in Manila. We know the reason for it — his feelings for Davis — but at the same time, he’s not altogether interested in spreading all of that information around to everyone.

For Davis during her training, she was finding herself time and time again up against a wall — and an instructor who was not letting her have an inch. She knew that her desire for leadership would lead to her be treated a little differently. She and Sonny did have a chance to catch up closer to the end of the episode.

Then, the explosion

Everything that happened before in this review came about in the first 70% of the episode. Then, the explosion went off in the bar and Bravo found themselves having to act immediately. Some fun time off for everyone suddenly became a rescue mission. At first, it appeared that most of the members of Bravo Team were okay even though there were mass casualties elsewhere … but things soon went from bad to worse with Clay. Right when you think things are okay, but then they are not okay. That’s the message of SEAL Team, and it’s something that we’ve seen with this show time and time again. Is Max Thieriot leaving the show? We were certainly worried the moment we saw Clay go down.

Here’s the other part of what you saw tonight that’s going to be hard to swallow — the fact that you’re going to be waiting until next week, at least to get answers. What we know about Clay’s condition here is that he is NOT in a good spot (though he’s still alive), and he’s been airlifted out of the country in order to receive treatment elsewhere…

CarterMatt Verdict

The status of Clay is going to be a mystery for at least the near future, but one of the things that we’ve come to know with SEAL Team is to never rule anything out. We saw Sonny make it through a precarious position, so there may be hope for Max Thieriot on the show yet.

What we do like about this episode of SEAL Team, amidst of course the devastation, is realizing just how fast things can turn and how careful the writers were to pace this. This just felt like a chapter of a movie, and not something that has a clear resolution anytime soon.

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